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(Anonymous user)
April 27th  2013 17:25
Mysterious Text Number On My T Mobile Bill
Any ideas anyone?
(Anonymous user)
April 28th  2013 20:29
Re: Mysterious Text Number On My T Mobile Bill
I have had one on Friday on my Tesco mobile bill.
(Anonymous user)
April 29th  2013 11:27
cost me 18 p even though I have free unlimited texts
(Anonymous user)
April 29th  2013 17:19
Re: Mysterious Text Number On My Bill
I had a mysterious text sent from my Tesco phone yesterday and been charged 20p even though I get unlimited texts free.....apparently its a registration text to SNAPCHAT ! ive emailed them voicing my concerns and am currently waiting to hear from the.
There was NO mention of this when I downloaded the app and signed now im worried if its going to be a regular charge ...
(Anonymous user)
May 6th  2013 20:09
Same again!
Same for us. All texts included in tarriff, but we've been charged. Gotta be shapchat as that's the only new thing we've used!
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2013 16:18
Nice little earner...
Snapchat do not mention a charge before downloading the app that I can see, hence removed!
(Anonymous user)
October 16th  2013 20:08
Must be Snapchat
I've downloaded Snapchat as well. I was concerned about the mysterious 17p (despite otherwise free texts). I guess Snapchat must be the culprit. Sneaky!
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