Who phoned me from 002353892723

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(Anonymous user)
May 31st  2017 11:50
No one there
Silent call - other forums suggest an energy scam
Beady Eye
(Anonymous user)
May 31st  2017 15:33
It's an African country phone no.
All nos. starting 02 or 002 and are longer or shorter than 11 digits (thus not to be confused with 0203 etc. supposedly London Nos.) originate in an African country e.g. Nigeria is 0234 etc.
(Anonymous user)
June 3rd  2017 19:59
Not Really 'EON' energy
Called claiming to be eon energy to give me my contract renewal prices - I asked for my account number - he did not have this to hand but gave me an address - which is a PO Box.

I told him he was a scammer since I had looked his number it - became rude
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