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September 8th  2018 14:37
Ambulance chaser cold call
Ambulance chaser cold-call, though I'm registered with the Telephone Preference Service. Long delay when answering, then an English woman's voice that I suspect was pre-recorded, saying they were "Smile" something-or-other and they were following up "the accident you had lately that wasn't your fault" They might have said 'injury' instead of 'accident' - I definitely got the impression that they were touting for a personal injury claim.

The voice then asked "Is that correct?" When I replied 'No' I got an "I'm sorry, we'll take your number off our database" response followed by an immediate hangup. I reckon that was a voice-recognition response to my 'No', so they didn't have to waste a real operator on a call that wasn't going anywhere.

I had a previous missed call (no message) just under an hour earlier from another Leeds number 0113 092 9958 that I'm sure was from the same people. I don't know anyone in Leeds.
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