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(Anonymous user)
September 11th  2013 13:07
I tried ringing number not recognised
How did they get my mobile number
(Anonymous user)
March 3rd  2014 13:29
me too mate when you ring back it is a dead number
(Anonymous user)
September 12th  2013 09:18
This is a SCAM - don't part with your money!
This is a SCAM. I have had a numerous of calls from 0113 298 9000 on my mobile stating they were from British Gas and that I had an outstanding debt. Having just received a refund on my gas account I was immediately suspicious.

I tried calling the number back and a recorded message says the number is not recognised. I telephoned British Gas on the 0800 number provided on my statement and the advisor confirmed my account had a nil balance and that there was no outstanding balance at my previous address either.

The very helpful British Gas advisor also looked up the number on their internal company directory - It's NOT listed!

I suspect that this scam relies on some returned mail being intercepted from an old address. My Royal Mail redirection recently came to an end and I have never received a final account statement from British Gas.

If this is the case the scammer will have your name, address and Customer Reference Number and so can sound very convincing. Try asking them to confi
(Anonymous user)
September 17th  2013 15:42
They called me as well. I was so sure i had paid online, so i told him i would check and then call back, he was getting all annoyed and saying if you dont pay now you will incur a fine, so i said tell me how much the fine will be and when will it be applied, he had no answer, hence i didnt trust him. In every case its always best to say, give me your number and i will calll back. if they dont allow you to, then you know its a scam.
(Anonymous user)
September 18th  2013 18:44
Clearly a scam
I was not able to pick up this number when it called. British Gas has a Did We Call You? which cross checks numbers (under www.britishgas.co.uk/helpand advice) and this number was not on it.
Like others I have settled my bill. This is clearly a fraudulent call aimed at taking money illegally.
I always ask callers like this to provide proof of identity - amazing how quickly they go away
(Anonymous user)
September 23rd  2013 19:29
Clearly didnt want to speak to me!
I have had this number just called me, they called and then when i answered they dropped the line. So when i tried to call back it said the number wasn't available, by the sound of a beep beep beep tone on my iPhone.
(Anonymous user)
September 24th  2013 13:05
Just had a call from this number claiming to be from British Gas Credit Solutions concerning an unpaid bill. Seeing as I paid this online a few days ago I was immediately suspicious. Caller became very flustered when I tried to get information about who he really was and hung up.
Indian accent
Name - Malik (would not give surname or postal address)
(Anonymous user)
October 18th  2013 14:39
This is a worrying one
Caller asked to speak to my wife who is the account holder for this British Gas bill, saying he was from British Gas. He then told her that the bill was outstanding, gave the amount, and the Due payment date, all of which was correct. I asked my wife to tell him that I normally pay online and would settle it there, whereupon he became more pushy and said there would be a £14 charge as the bill is a week beyond this date, and that it should be paid over the phone so that it will process more quickly. I know that B.G. normally offer a discount if paid prior to the Due date but not a fine if over. I then spoke to him, reiterated that I would sort it out online, and he was very insistent that we would be charged if we did that. I've dealt with lots of scams before, but what is particularly worrying is that this guy has all the details he does. Another contributor above mentioned that it could be gleaned from returned mail, but I wonder if there is a leak in information retained.
(Anonymous user)
October 19th  2013 18:03
Just been targeted
Just had a missed call from this number, called back number BT says not recognised.

Googled number & found this site.

Will be phoning british gas about this as this is not acceptable.
(Anonymous user)
November 6th  2013 13:15
I just received a call from this number too. He sounds like indian with the accent (sorry if I'm wrong), he wanted to speak with my previous housemate, I thought its regarding the deposit of the property. Then he told me it's about the outstanding amount of British gas. I am sure the bills being paid and the account had closed already. I explained to him my previous housemate left the property already and I'm the current tenant. He insists to know the date when I'm moved in into the property, I said same as her. Then he yelled at me and asked 'what is the date???' , before I answered him, he already hangs up. Lucky me I searched this number on google then I found out it's a scam. What a scary world!
(Anonymous user)
November 23rd  2013 14:33
I didn't recognise the number so didn't reply, and looked up here. Glad I did. It keeps ringing me. I am tempted to answer the call, but not speak and just put it down on the shelf, so they can pay for a long call.
(Anonymous user)
December 4th  2013 15:12
Do not answer!!!
I did not recognise the number, but upon answering he said he was calling from British Gas, and it was regarding my business account. He said I had missed a payment and need to pay immediately, also to give my sort code & account number to set up a direct debit!!! I told him no I would call, and he said I will give you the number, I told him I could see his number and check online. Upon checking online I can see this is a scam. The caller did not confirm my account number, just the address of the business and account holder. This is so scary that they can have this information, I am very happy I did not give out the details. I always call businesses back with calls like this. Please do the same. They can threaten with charges, but any reputable company will let you call them back.
(Anonymous user)
December 11th  2013 12:00
I have had a couple of missed calls from them over the last week, only on my mobile. I cant ever call them back so I blocked the number on my mobile. Strange how they havent called my work and my landline considering BG had all my contact numbers. I dont have any outstanding debt with BG as I'm sure many of you dont, my advice dont bother with them and dont take them seriously. They're Idiots.
(Anonymous user)
December 21st  2013 13:32
Not British Gas?
Had a call from this number to arrange a British Gas boiler service. Told them my address & postcode as requested but then the caller rang off saying there were no free slots for the service on their calendar. Eventually checked the number on British Gas web site and it was not known by them. I must learn to be more suspicious.
(Anonymous user)
January 3rd  2014 20:13
This number has come up on my mobile phone 5 times today. I do not answer calls that I do not recognise, so checked the number on line, confirming my suspicions that this is a scam.

Worryingly, other people on my contact list have had the same calls today. Now that may be a co-incidence, however I’m looking into security all round!
(Anonymous user)
January 8th  2014 16:35
Nuisance call
We received a call from this number purporting to be from British Gas asking for house name and post code but no money. Perhaps as the offender is persistent I may report it to the local police
(Anonymous user)
January 13th  2014 19:15
Do not give any information out to this number, they're collect your information for fraud purposes, I'd advise you all to report this number along with an account of your experience to actionfraud.police.uk asap.
Scammy McScammerson
(Anonymous user)
February 22nd  2014 20:32
The truth is ....
There are a hundred and one different ways for these details to fall into the wrong hands.

Safeguard yourself as much as is humanly possible but never have believe you're smarter than a dedicated criminal. If you think that informing the Post Office when you vacate a property will stop your mail going there, think again. If you think that security questions make the world a safer place then you're wrong. The truth is the more information you divulge to anyone, no matter how credible or reliable they may seem, the greater the risk you run of having your details and private information stolen or otherwise intercepted. It's a sad state of affairs but it's better to accept that sad state of affairs and safeguard yourself against it where possible than it is to misguidedly believe in a basic level of human decency. Stay safe and tell me your pin number ... you can trust me )
(Anonymous user)
April 1st  2014 15:24
If You Are Contacted then Call Action Fraud
The only way scammers like this get caught is by people reporting them. I've had numerous calls from this number over the past few weeks, all claiming to be from British Gas, similar story to the other on here.

I've contacted Action Fraud and they have put the details into a case with the Police National Fraud Office. If enough people report the criminals then they will get caught eventually.
(Anonymous user)
June 25th  2014 13:06
Appointment Request for annual service
Received a call to book an annual boiler service, no hint of a problem
(Anonymous user)
April 29th  2015 18:27
not british gas
Caller said was from british gas service and would I like to make an app for a visit. Very glad said I would use internet to book app.Then ckecked number and found it was untrust worthy.
Must learn not to trust people!
(Anonymous user)
January 20th  2018 15:11
call asking for outstanding payment
Call from 01332 421033 asking for payment of a gas bill.
Knew my name, asked me to confirm second half of postcode.

Suspected it was a scam due to the phone number and the postcode confirmation. Said I had a direct debit set up to which they replied only your electricity is by direct debit.

Told them I'd call customer services to sort out later, and they said I'd incur a penalty if late.
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