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(Anonymous user)
February 8th  2012 17:25
Unwanted telephone marketing keeping line open.
(Anonymous user)
April 26th  2012 14:44
Annoying recording - won't hang up.
Looping message keeps phone line open even after hanging up several times. Says I'd agreed to answer a survey on my earlier call (?) & to answer 3 questions. Didn't listen to anymore. Maybe coincidence but had rung PC World 10 minutes earlier (0844 number). Back to dialling tone once I tried ringing landline using my mobile. Probably not that intelligent and expect it would have stopped anyway but all I could think of at the time!
(Anonymous user)
April 29th  2013 18:26
Please stop this number calling me
i am sick of this number calling me
(Anonymous user)
October 4th  2018 15:13
Don't keep phoning me
Keeps going dead when answer
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