Who phoned me from 01158434344

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(Anonymous user)
September 12th  2014 14:57
Who phoned me from 01158434344
It's E-On Collection Team
(Anonymous user)
January 8th  2015 13:36
who rang
(Anonymous user)
June 19th  2015 14:07
E-on Collections Team.
(Anonymous user)
November 26th  2015 17:59
Rip off
Even though I paid each quarter with meter readings AND paid on the day of moving out, I had a bill for £19 that they said was because I cancelled my direct debit. Not surprising really... I had moved out! Scam artists
(Anonymous user)
December 12th  2015 10:38
Called me on 11.12.2015. I missed call and phoned back. Asian sounding said they were Eon but never asked who I was or why I was calling. I explained they called me and asked why. He didn't reply. I tried to find out why they called me but he didn't tell me. Then he asked for my name and account number. I didn't have this as I was at work. He then asked who was on the account so I told him it was my wife. He said he'd only speak to her. I was annoyed and hung up. I called my wife, got the account number and called the number back. Same guy answered. He didn't appear to know I'd just called him even though only 10mins between calls! He asked if he'd sent me a text or called! He still wouldn't talk to me so I hung up. I called Eon on a number I know is them and asked them to validate it. I was told Eon had NEVER called me and my account was fine. They took the number as a matter of fraud.
The E.On Non Payer
(Anonymous user)
February 5th  2016 09:05
E.On Collections
I owe them £395. They can run up my hump.
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