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(Anonymous user)
June 18th  2018 17:24
Sky Scam? Beware 01158557011
This number called me at 5.10pm on 18th June 2018.
It was allegedly from "Sky AMC" telling me that the insurance had run out on my Sky TV Box. It was a man with a foreign (non-British) accent, clearly in a call centre from the background noise. I am not a Sky customer, so strongly suspect that this is not a legitimate call. When I pointed out that I do not have Sky, he asked me my name. Clearly, if I was a Sky customer they would have my name, so I put the phone down.
(Anonymous user)
June 29th  2018 10:09
Purporting to be calling from Sky, they gave me abuse when I told them I knew they were scammers.
(Anonymous user)
July 5th  2018 11:39
Claims to be Sky
This calls every 2 days now I do not answer any more. It claims to be Sky insurance, I need to renew. I have not had any Sky products for several years now, its suss for scammers be careful .
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