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(Anonymous user)
November 20th  2012 09:03
Two phone calls yesterday, wanting me to do a survey on Nationwide, I don't think so!!
(Anonymous user)
November 24th  2012 00:49
Plusnet selling numbers?
Just had a new line and number installed through plusnet and first call i get is from this too
(Anonymous user)
September 20th  2013 17:34
This number called my mobile!!!!!!!!!!
who ever "they" are, I didn't answer and as per usual didn't leave a message.
Couldn't of been of importance then!!!!!
(Anonymous user)
January 17th  2014 20:25
They tried me too, wanted me to take a 20 minute survey for rbs.
(Anonymous user)
February 22nd  2014 19:58
Facts International
Here’s a profile on the company associated with the nuisance phone number.

Company Name: Facts International
Ashford Office, Facts Centre, 3 Henwood, Ashford, TN24 8FL
Tele : 01233 648 530

IP Address

Chief Executive: Crispin Beale
Information obtained via Company Check.
The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where Crispin Beale holds a current appointment equals £1,811,294, with a combined assets value of £8,622,567 and liabilities of £9,105,508.

They have a 200 seat, in-house telephone research centre based in Kent, they adopt a 24/7 capability policy, often targeting hard to reach audiences.

With regard to TPS, this is what Facts International reports on their web site: Legally, we are allowed to do this. There is no legal requirement to screen research samples against the preferences services (such as the Telephone Preference Service) when conducting market research. In simple terms the law allows them to contact you, so put up with it!
Spencer Wood
(Anonymous user)
March 21st  2014 12:22
Facts Interntional

Facts International would like to apologise for any inconvenience that may have been caused by our call.

All calls made by Facts International are to undertake market research services on behalf of our clients. Accredited by the industry association, the MRS (Market Research Society), all of Facts International’s processes and interviewer techniques are compliant with the MRS code of Conduct and Data Protection Act.

Facts International never make sales calls.

If you've received a call from us it is probably because you're a customer of one of our clients and are listed in the customer database sample they provided to us. Market research services are used by our clients to improve either their products or the quality of their services and by working with companies such as Facts international, they can obtain independent and impartial customer/consumer opinions from which to help them.

If you would like to check our background or speak to someone more about market research, please call the MRS on Freephone 0500 396 999.

If you do not wish to be called by Facts International please tell our interviewer, who will immediately remove your details from our call lists so that you will not be contacted again.

Facts International has been in business for almost 30 years, and is a respected and professional Market Research Agency which operates from its headquarters in Ashford Kent.

Should you wish to speak directly with Facts International please call – 01233 648523 or email enquiries@facts.uk.com

When our clients provide us a sample of their customer base, sometimes customers registered with TPS or those listed as ex-directory are contacted. Under market research regulations, we are allowed to do this as there is no legal requirement to screen market research samples against the TPS. TPS exists to prevent unsolicited sales calls. A market research survey is not a sales call and as we are contacting existing client customers, our call is not considered unsolicited as it is reasonable for most companies to call their customers. It is also important, especially for political polls, to gain a representative view of public opinion by speaking to a broad selection of the population.

Ex-directory status means that a named customer cannot be traced though telephone directories. This does not preclude us from calling an ex directory customer for research purposes. If research companies did not call ex-directory clients then feedback collected would not be truly representative and it is for this reason that ex-directory customers are included in samples provided.

With most calls, Facts International’s interviewers are able to provide details of the organisation on behalf of which they are calling. However, in some instances the client organisation may request that they remain anonymous, which is acceptable under MRS guidelines. An example of this might be when an interviewer introduces themselves as ‘calling on behalf of your bank’ – often an event triggered by a recent branch interaction. It is sometimes important that an interviewer makes sure they are talking to the actual customer of the organisation (e.g. a particular financial services provider) before continuing with the survey as the very fact that a customer has a relationship with a specific organisation may be something they do not wish to reveal to another person answering the phone.
Please note Facts International interviewers will NEVER ask you to handover personal account details and neither the interviewer nor company has access to such details at any time.
Spencer Wood
Information Services & Security Director
Facts International LTD
(Anonymous user)
July 30th  2014 10:44
Surely if someone is registered with the TPS it's obvious they do not want to be harassed by inconsiderate people like yourselves. If you disturb me I will be obliged to bill you for my time.
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