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(Anonymous user)
August 1st  2016 12:02
01244852125 is Safestyle Windows
Safestyle Windows in Chester.
Marc Bolan
(Anonymous user)
August 10th  2016 21:23
Wish they wouldn't
Safestyle keep mithering after replacing my windows - even though I am now completely double glazed by them - this is poor aftersales after a great initial job
(Anonymous user)
May 1st  2017 12:59
Another annoyed ex customer
Excellent product ....... Appalling after sales service. Do not understand "no thank you" as they persist in telephoning and texting canvassing for more business. Do not remove your telephone number even when requested to do so !!!!! Really need to rieview their sales strategy !!!
(Anonymous user)
May 22nd  2017 11:53
Getting pestered by this company
I had them come round for a quote and then declined their services. They keep on calling and calling although I told them so many times already that I am not interested. This is really getting a nuisance now and I will definitely never purchase anything from this company if they can't respect no for an answer.
(Anonymous user)
June 17th  2017 09:25
Numerous calls!
Although I have said I do not have the finances for new windows I'm getting calls several times a week - which I now do not pick up. Still a nuisance! Please stop!
(Anonymous user)
July 15th  2017 17:02
Blocked their number
Had installation done by Safestyle, told them several times if I want more doing i.e. Patio doors I will contact them. They still pester you time and time again. Blocked their number now. After sales is a load of crap also.
(Anonymous user)
September 11th  2017 14:57
Keep calling
This company keep calling. Doesn't understand "no thank you".
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