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(Anonymous user)
April 20th  2012 17:02
insulation company
nuisance call recorded message. rings daily. do you know who they are?
(Anonymous user)
July 20th  2012 11:27
Compnay is in Aldershot and seems to be called Crest, sells insulation or something, "call return" says 'Number not recognised.'
(Anonymous user)
April 30th  2012 19:26
they also use 01252 670111
They also use 01252 670111 but never give the name of the company!
(Anonymous user)
August 31st  2012 13:39
Called me today
The person refused to remove me from their data base and said I have to answer questions before he could do that. He was condescending and pretty nasty. I told him I was taping the end of our call. I guess they can be as rude and obnoxious as they like if they cant be traced. Even so, I am attempting to trace them. Anyone find out anything - write it up here
(Anonymous user)
December 18th  2012 16:10
This call was not about lofts but switching energy suppliers - but they hung up when I said that I did not want to change today. Also you cannot ring the number to complain
(Anonymous user)
December 19th  2012 12:01
telemarketing - energy prices
Had a few calls from this number recently. It's a recorded message saying 'according to their records we're paying too much for electricity' - press 2 for details.
I didn't press 2 as I use comparison sites to check this sort of info.
Hence igrnonten
(Anonymous user)
December 20th  2012 16:14
telemarketing-energy prices
Have had a number of calls from this outfit saying i'm paying too much for electricity....press 2 for details. Whatever you do, DON'T PRESS 2 !

When are those in authority going to deal with this nuisance ? Nearly 45 years ago we put man on the moon and yet we still can't kill this scam off.
(Anonymous user)
April 25th  2013 14:59
Still going strong
They've got my number somehow, and as I'm registered with TPS I thought calls like this would be avoided
(Anonymous user)
April 25th  2013 15:20
Why a bunch of time wasters.
Get a job which is more beneficial to others. Perhaps working as voluntary god mess collector or simila
(Anonymous user)
April 25th  2013 16:00
Phoning me daily...v.annoying!
(Anonymous user)
April 26th  2013 01:18
These are truly evil cold callers who troll the net for vulnerable victims..they are leeches, vermin who would do anything...how they obtain the numbers I have no clue..the only one more persistent these gremlins is the devil...truly annoying roaches...when is the government going to do anything about protecting people's privacy..
(Anonymous user)
July 3rd  2013 14:26
Recorded sales pitch
Selling boiler insurance
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