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December 28th  2011 09:43
Caller claimed he was calling from Lloyds TSB
Caller claimed he was calling from Lloyds TSB. Took all my personal details and got the balance on my account wrong.
(Anonymous user)
January 29th  2012 16:41
Lloyds Credit Card Collections
Looked up number of another search site. It is a Lloyds number - goes through to a call centre in India. Ask for a lot of personal info before they will discuss a personal "matter". As I am not a Lloyds customer they were told in no uncertain terms what they can do with their personal matter.
(Anonymous user)
February 16th  2012 20:12
telephone pests
When I answer, either the phone goes dead, or an automated message says they are busy and I should ring them back. Why the hell should I, when I have no idea who they are?They are making our lives such a misery that we have now unplugged the landline phone because we are sick of them. They ring every single day, anything from 8am to 10pm, weekday, weekend, bank holidays, you name it, they pester. Nuisance.
(Anonymous user)
February 23rd  2012 11:39
No answer from the caller(s)
They have been calling here for some time now and no one answers. I can't even hear a noise from the other side! Quite frustrating.
(Anonymous user)
April 27th  2012 21:14
telephone harrassment
They are calling on my husband's mobile, when he hangs up they call straight back on the landland, we are receiving up to 8 calls a day from them at all times of they day and night! As we work various shifts this is becoming a nightmare. Have ordered them to stop calling, Lloyds have said there is no record from them of calls needing to be made from them and yet they won't stop.
(Anonymous user)
May 31st  2012 20:48
hi if any one has any probs with nuisance calls , register with www.tpsonline.org.uk....it takes a few weeks for the calls to stop. if u should get any more tell them you are registered with TPS , they soon hang up!
(Anonymous user)
August 13th  2012 14:00
Have registered for TPS and they still call up to 8 times per day. It is worse asthere are 4 acount holders at my address (all related) and they ring and ask for each iun turn. I have no Lloyds TSB credit cards and still they call.
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December 20th  2012 19:19
Called my landline then mobile phones, do Lloyds TSB pass on our info? Only just recently opened an account and now all these phone calls, bit strange as very few people know my new mobile number and home number.

(Anonymous user)
April 16th  2013 13:00
they called my phone and I tried to call back but the phone say that they are not available and the mailbox is full..!!

what do they expect me to do then??
(Anonymous user)
April 26th  2013 21:14
lloyds in breach of own T&C and DPA!!!
Made a cc balance transfer from lloyds card , but transfer was rejested to natwest and natwest returned the payment the same day. It went into an lloyds account sort code belong to lloyds, howeve they failed to transfer the money back into the lloyds cc. I wornt 5 letters, now canccling all my aacounts with lloyds and halifax and refuse to pay any charges as they hav had the money since Jan 13 and still not credited. matter now with o/man. I will not recommend this bank to anyone , and shamely admit that i have been a customer for 11 years- they do not reward loyalty Shame on Lloyds!!
(Anonymous user)
July 5th  2013 18:23
Wanted to know my bank details could hardly speak
Could hardly speak english wanted bank details hung up tried to call back number not recognised called Tsb fraud to let them know
(Anonymous user)
July 30th  2013 14:25
Leave Me Alone
They have been phoning me up to 20 times a day on landline and mobile i want to block them help!! Apparently it is lloyds tsb. They phone in the night 5 times and wakes my kids up!!! What Can I DO???
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