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(Anonymous user)
August 2nd  2011 19:25
fed up with annoying call
another nosey survery no doubt
(Anonymous user)
September 26th  2011 17:35
Annoying nuisance calls
I have been having calls from this number now. several times a day. This blocks my line and I cannot cut the call off as they initiated it.On sunday,I had the longest of these calls 46 mins I also get calls from 08446882753 which is the same company because the "hold" message is the same.If I try to call them back by using 1471-3 I get a tone as tho the number doesnt exsist..I have registered with the TPS months ago but this hasnt helped
(Anonymous user)
November 4th  2011 17:45
nuisance calls
Yes me too the last one was an hour before a voice said 'goodbye'
(Anonymous user)
November 8th  2011 13:31
Dodgy PPI Tele-Marketing
This is one of various false numbers used by a company called Money Made Simple (UK) Ltd. www.ppiadviceline.co.uk . Once they have your number this company calls almost every 15 minutes every day. It is a dodgy PPI insurance scam. You can call them back on 0800 292 2233 and ask them to stop calling - but they won't. I have complained to OFCOM and TPS but they're not interested.
BT User
(Anonymous user)
November 17th  2011 11:33
Line blocked for over 35 mins on 17.11.11

Ofcom dont wanna know, just another Government Quango Dept draining state funds and showing nothing for it. they even sort of admit it themselves on the phone.

(Anonymous user)
December 9th  2011 11:51
Received a call told to wait for an advisor left hanging for 30 mins. I would usually put down the phone but was waiting on a call so held on, until I could no longer listen to the dreadful music they played. Why don't these automated calls day who's calling first it would make life a lot simpler.
(Anonymous user)
January 6th  2012 13:51
one of the worst
recveied call,am i speaking with mr anon.
you are,bit miffed
wee under stand you are having problems wiyh your ppi.
dont have any ppi.
i under stand you spoke to my superviser this morning,
it must have been your wife then.
don,t deal with my wifes cards if she has any nothing to do with me,
on buts i am hanging up now.
(Anonymous user)
January 13th  2012 15:26
Really annoyed
I have had calls from this number on several occasions. I have phoned BT who have been of no use. They (BT)say they can't trace the number - which isn't recognised in any case. I will try TPS again. What I'd like to know is what do these companies get out of this? If you pick up the phone and find you're still connected are you somehow paying for the call?
(Anonymous user)
February 13th  2012 15:53
they rang and asked for my mother, who died back in July 2011. I told them she had died, they asked me who they were speaking to. I said I wasn't going to tell them and hung up. These types of calls are really annoying and sometimes upsetting.

Another annoying thing are these stupid words (captcha) you have to try and read to be able to enter a comment on so many sites. What is the point of them???
(Anonymous user)
February 27th  2012 18:25
Just had a call from this number, which blocked the line for 49 minutes!!!
(Anonymous user)
April 20th  2012 19:20
just had one for 1 hour 01274663293
(Anonymous user)
March 5th  2012 17:29
Try this
Phoned PPI on 08002922233. Girl said CoverPlus was one of their sister companies, and despite ex dir and registered with TPS, they rang offering house insurance. (CP said due within 60 days, actually not until September). PPI girl said she'd get me off CP's their database - we'll see. Her advice, which seems good - ensure when filling forms etc you put a tick in the box saying don't share with 3rd parties. Be careful sometimes you must PUT a tick, other times you must NOT.
(Anonymous user)
March 6th  2012 16:53
Clearing blocked line
I believe you you can free up your blocked line by unplugging your phone at the master box, where it enters the property. Wait a couple of minutes then reconnect. Should then be free again. I found this suggestion when reading about a scam involving a threat to cut you off if you didn't make an instant payment. They just kept the line open so that you thought you'd been cut off.
(Anonymous user)
March 9th  2012 17:07
unplug clears the line
we just had it too - very annoying.
we unplugged for a few minutes and then it was gone. TPS is useless and has no answer either.
(Anonymous user)
May 28th  2012 14:13
01274663293 DO NOT ANSWER IT !!!!!
This number called us for over 40 mins and totally jammed the phone line for the whole time.. even disconnecting the phone from the socket wouldnt stop it..

They play music and a recorded message with an american man saying all their agents are busy please wait etc... We waited and noone spoke to us.

Finally we had to disconnet the phone for about 15 mins and it stopped.

fed up
(Anonymous user)
August 29th  2012 12:33
01274663293 scam
blocked our phone today for 10 mins,unplugged main phone line from where it enters our property for 5 mins,cleared it fine.
annoying ringing in my ears
(Anonymous user)
September 3rd  2012 14:36
This intrusion into our homes should be made illegal. There is surely something BT or the Government could do given how much of it is going on. When my 'phone rings during the day I do not answer it. My family ring my mobile. Perhaps if enough of us had our home phones removed and used mobiles something would be done when the phone companies lost the revenue
(Anonymous user)
November 24th  2012 16:04
01274663293 DO NOT ANSWER IT !!!!!
Still going on
southern comfort
(Anonymous user)
December 12th  2012 19:45
december 11th 2012 19:00
this number keeps ringing my house, so from tomorrow if the phone rings whilst iam in i will ansher and give the idiot on the other end a right gob full of abuse with lots of swaring, see if that puts them to shame.
(Anonymous user)
January 16th  2013 15:59
how to annoy nuisance callers
These people are a pain! I can tell instantly if the caller is a telesales pitch or nuisance caller as there is usually a tell tale silent pause before any speech - I either just hang up instantly even before they can say anything or I have on occasion got my personal alarm out and set this off down the phone - not nice I know but I consider it a harassment and therefore justified - and they soon stop calling!
(Anonymous user)
February 22nd  2013 13:24
i worked there!!!!!!!!
i worked there and got sacked 2 days ago for being too nice to customers, they want me to be harsh with them and force them to buy the insurance...i hate them and how they treated me, my advice to you never work there and never buy insurance of then, [Moderated] trust me i know the inside story, lets get this crappy business shut down :D
(Anonymous user)
February 22nd  2013 13:26
i agree with you 100% bunch of losers
Mike, Bucks
(Anonymous user)
January 21st  2014 19:06
Buy a whistle and give them a blast as hard as you can down the phone. This I find really works for me. Only a pound from a good toy shop.
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