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(Anonymous user)
December 8th  2011 16:43
Swintons Insurance
Cold calling waste of my life
(Anonymous user)
December 21st  2011 18:18
Calling 3 times a day about life insurance from SWINTON
(Anonymous user)
January 11th  2012 14:59
phone call
please confirm phone call from 01274838272
(Anonymous user)
January 19th  2012 14:23
Yep it's Swinton again!!!!
Buy some insurance form them and they bug you constantly for every other service going in the universe!!
angry bird
(Anonymous user)
February 3rd  2012 15:08
phone call
wont leave me the fuk alone!
Hungry Horace's Brother
(Anonymous user)
February 13th  2012 17:12
I ignore it...
... And they still call. Hopefully they'll give up soon!!!
(Anonymous user)
March 8th  2012 12:08
it takes 2 months to take your number out
Adviser said no cold or promo calls, while doing a car qoutation - after complaining - now they tell me it takes 2 months to take your number out

Clear breach of data protection act laws.

so frickin pissed
(Anonymous user)
March 12th  2012 18:12
you hang up on them numerous times...
...and the'll still call, always the same person too which boggles me
i hate swintons
(Anonymous user)
March 16th  2012 11:52
So thats who it is...
I took Home Insurance out a couple of months ago.. looks like I am in for the long haul. SIGH!
things nkerwill
(Anonymous user)
March 22nd  2012 20:02
what part of fcuk off do they not understand??? and thats after putting my number on the dont call me register
(Anonymous user)
March 27th  2012 16:24
Swinton are buying your details from a company called Leadx and they get your number from price comparison sites.
(Anonymous user)
April 10th  2012 17:12
unsolicited call.not asked for.not wanted.
(Anonymous user)
April 20th  2012 11:21
getting a little pissed off with thes phone calls I havent even signed up to anything and some how they have my number i cant even put my phone on normal because they ring me at leat 10 times a day so i have to put it on the silent and im 18 years old how did they get my number!!! and I WANT THEM TO STOP RINING ME!!
(Anonymous user)
April 20th  2012 13:14
I'm absolutely fed up of them calling me, surely there's something we can do legally so that we can beast their sorry ass. ...Trading Standards, because if they keep it up, I'll be going somewhere like that.
(Anonymous user)
April 24th  2012 13:18
Swinton again...
now have them stored in my phone under Do Not Answer ... along with a few other numbers!
(Anonymous user)
May 2nd  2012 20:00
Swinton Insuran or whatever
Have this and other numbers they use in my mobile contacts as nuisance so I don't answer. Been going on about a year.
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2012 14:31
Cold Calls
....more annoying unsolicited cold calls to add to the ones that come through EVERY day......
(Anonymous user)
May 16th  2012 18:34
bad customer service
4 phone calls today, i am now going to cancell my insurance with them ! I have asked them not to contact me but they keepdoing so..................Do these companies not know that this upsets their customer base !!!
(Anonymous user)
May 18th  2012 10:01
swinton insurance or other pests.
5,phone calls in a day, what da f***k thay want i don"t know!
haven"t thay got better things do? PISSED OFF!
(Anonymous user)
May 29th  2012 18:21
I am getting exactly the same and feel same way you do.
P'd off too. I am just ignoring the calls or may get them blocked
(Anonymous user)
May 25th  2012 17:23
Cold calling
3 times today this number has phoned me, however I let it go to voicemail and they hang up! Unsolicited and therefore breaking the law as I am registered with the TPS - It is a legal requirement that all organisations (including charities, voluntary organisations and political parties) do not make such calls to numbers registered on the TPS unless they have your consent to do so. So how come this company can continue to harass people?

(Anonymous user)
August 10th  2012 12:46
The TPS can't stop companies you are or have been a customer with contacting you if you inadvertently gave them consent to contact you... even if you've never been a customer they can conduct "genuine market research" whatever that means... The TPS is a bit wishy washy but if you've never been a customer and the firm is hard selling, report them... though I personally wouldn't bother without evidence.
(Anonymous user)
May 22nd  2013 16:00
Mary - if you gave them your number on a form you filled in they can use it to call you! Applied for anything lately and forgot to tick/untick the little box at the end?
(Anonymous user)
May 31st  2012 15:20
Opt out !!!
I saw on another site :-

Call 01274838111 and ask them to opt out.

Apparently it works. Good luck.
(Anonymous user)
June 7th  2012 17:23
Firstly Cool Site :)......Secondly i hope all Swinton Sales Reps roast in hell......Great Opting Out info :)
(Anonymous user)
June 7th  2012 18:01
Fit an answering machine.
My answering machine allows me to monitor incoming calls without me having to lift off. If the caller does not identify himself/herself, they usually hang up before the ans mach message has finished, I do not answer. The ans machine then dials to get the calling number and keeps a record. If it is someone I know then I lift the receiver and take the call before they hang up. Simples.
(Anonymous user)
June 7th  2012 18:57
Fecking nuisance
Sick of constant calls, took out car insurance through Swinton and have been plagued by calls ever since! Thanks for the blocking tip, have rung them and asked to be removed from their calling list....fingers crossed
(Anonymous user)
November 28th  2012 18:09
gocompare sells phone numbers to insurance companies. don't use gocompare.
(Anonymous user)
April 10th  2013 23:52
these pests keep calling after using Swinton for car insurance. Now directed all the calls to voicemail and stored number under do not answer too.
(Anonymous user)
September 2nd  2013 16:24
The Swinton/Colonnade business.
One time I consulted this firm for car insurance and they quoted £1,800. I got it off the web for £720.
Business-wise, they are in the last throes of decline, they are getting desperate. They have no idea how to run a business properly.
My advice is to STEER CLEAR! Don't get involved with these kind of incompetent people.
A Leeds guy who know them from way back.
(Anonymous user)
October 14th  2013 17:10
Bloody Swinton!
Took out car insurance with Swinton last week, now being plagued with cold calls that I don't answer from this number! To be fair, they saved me over £400 on my insurance so I will put up with it and think about the shoes I can buy!
(Anonymous user)
June 27th  2014 13:41
absaloute PESTS
Done a quote for contents insurance yesterday and had 3 phonecalls already today and its only half 1!
(Anonymous user)
November 12th  2014 16:31
3 calls a day since using gocompare
Be careful of these comparison websites. I specifically opted out of getting these calls and it's completely ignored by Swinton
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August 21st  2015 11:24
Yes its Swintons
Genuine call to renew my Son's Bike Insurance.
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