Who phoned me from 01315614532

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(Anonymous user)
October 15th  2012 15:25
no comment
just wondering who this number is
(Anonymous user)
October 21st  2012 10:11
Ipsos Mori - a market research company based in Edinburgh.
(Anonymous user)
February 23rd  2013 20:21
missed call from this number no idea who it is!
(Anonymous user)
March 4th  2013 16:17
Ipsos Mori who are the company that do the national student survey who are most likely to phone you if you recently graduated from college or university
(Anonymous user)
March 28th  2013 19:02
How do you stop them from ringing?
(Anonymous user)
September 21st  2013 15:51
21st September

I have no idea whose number this is. Please stop calling me.
(Anonymous user)
March 30th  2013 12:36
This call will charge you
I got a call from This number on the 17/2/2013 and was regarding a PPI service by a voice machine and when I went to pay my bill it was £10.00 higher upon checking the call log this number had charged e £10.00 I couldn't believe it. A month later they rang again but ignored and informed my operator again hope they do something.
(Anonymous user)
April 30th  2013 21:05
I just got a call from that number 20 mins ago. Its really worrying what you have said about the charges. How dare they !!
(Anonymous user)
April 11th  2013 13:33
Go to Ipsos MORI site...
and find "Contact Us" on top page. Choose query - 'Unwanted calls'.
Fill the form and hope they will do about it.
(Anonymous user)
April 19th  2013 09:25
Ipsos Mori
Caller claimed to be doing a survey on behalf of a government department. Eventually said they were calling from Ipsos Mori and the survey would take 20 minutes. I declined.
(Anonymous user)
April 19th  2013 12:35
Market research company about PAYE
Market research company about PAYE, targeting businesses
(Anonymous user)
May 26th  2013 15:48
crazy people...where did they get my number....their calling from 10am.
not answering to them ever.
(Anonymous user)
April 12th  2015 13:20
They rang me at 7am I ask them not to ring me again and they did
(Anonymous user)
June 10th  2013 14:48
Ipos Mori AGAIN!
I contacted Ipos Mori by email and threatened to take it further if they kept calling me, telling them I worked for OFFCOM.
I had an immediate reply apologising, they said I had been removed from their database.
(Anonymous user)
June 23rd  2013 20:48
June 23rd 14.20
They told my wife they were calling on behalf of Kent County Council ! I work for Canterbury City Council so they said they would call later. I am still waiting !
(Anonymous user)
September 18th  2013 21:05
Called at 9pm
We are ex directory and registered with TPS they called me tonight at 9pm. When challenged this stroppy woman said they aren't covered because its a random dial number for the government ! What a load of rubbish. My father is very ill and I was shook when the phone rang this late thinking it would be bad news. It's disgusting that you can be called so late. I will report it, as her attitude was appalling.
Alan F
(Anonymous user)
September 21st  2013 12:26
tps are a waste of time, they are as much use as the mps.........ipsos mori are a government company (although they don't tell you that) you will see their name mentioned in a lot of news reports when they say a poll has been carried out etc normally at the bottom of the screen it will say "ipsos mori", as they are a government survery they are "immune" to the laws etc that the governemnt force on the other companies!

They get your number quite easily, always read the small print next to the boxes on webpages etc, when you order stuff and they ask for a number for delivery and plenty of other reasons when you have to give a number, it used to say check this box if you DO want to be called by selected comapnies etc, now it will be check this box if you do not....but always read it first because they have a bad habit of changing it.
(Anonymous user)
September 29th  2013 12:57
received a call from this number on Friday 27/09/13 & 29/9/13 My suggestion is to buy a answering machine so you can check who is calling and if you do not recognise the number do not ring back..... if it is important the person will speak.
(Anonymous user)
September 29th  2013 15:18
Not so bad
They are actually very professional as these sorts of companies go, thats why they are trusted by the government etc...

If you ask they WILL remove you, and if they call it will be for a genuine reason / genuine mistake has been made.
(Anonymous user)
November 26th  2013 20:22
Cold Call from this number 01315614532
The guy at the end of the phone stated that he was not breaking the law even though it was an unsolicited call and I am on the TPS - he said they are using random number dialing? I thought this practise was totally unlawful? becuase you will then be calling numbers which have opted out from sales/marketing calls through registering with the TPS (yes I totally agree with the previous comment, the TPS is a waste of time, actually any regulator is a waste of time in this country, they are all bending the rules and not being fined) I wish I could fine every person who disturbs me I would be loaded if I could fine them for disturbing me!
(Anonymous user)
February 3rd  2014 20:21
information sharing
this is a company who gathers data and sells it ...much like the DVLA selling your "registered keeper" details to private companies (how dare they?) ....and this shower that run the country are always telling us how great their data protection record is .... yet they share out personal info with private companies for a fee
Stace Iz Ace
(Anonymous user)
February 5th  2014 21:16
Just had a missed Call....5th Feb 2014
I never answer "Unknown Numbers", "Private Number Withheld", or Numbers i do not have in my Phone Book

My Philosophy is, if someone who you don't know phones you, its for a monetary gain or trying to steal your wealth of knowledge/skill set to solve their problem or answer a survey of some kind, which solves the Government concerns, whether, for Charity or for Government Stats, its all the same kind of deal....if you don't know, don't pick up or call them back.

Lesson learned when I searched the number on this site...I never call people back from a missed call.

So, to all you fellow Party People out there, keep your phone book as your Guardian Angel and never call numbers outside of it, even if you have no Friends!!

Peace :)
(Anonymous user)
March 3rd  2014 20:14
Just received call
Just received call from this number telling me there from my housing association who are they
Edward Snowden
(Anonymous user)
April 24th  2015 18:19
1810 hrs 24th April 2015
Rang but I did not answer.

I bought a Fridge online today from "Boots". It was not Boots as I have just finished talking to them 5 minutes ago and they called from an 0161 number.....funny that !

Oh and I wish this site would stop redirecting me via that well known as a GCHQ spy disgusting company Google to get its 'capthcha'.
Google is EVIL ....STAY AWAY !!!!!!

(Anonymous user)
July 23rd  2015 19:20
Bogus call
Said they were the govt pension service and wanted us to take part in a survey regarding pension forecastd...scam ...the govt would never ever make unsolicited calls to home numbers...tell them where to go!i
(Anonymous user)
September 23rd  2015 20:49
ipsos mori
just had a phone call from this number, they were Ipsos Mori. Told them I was not interested and the guy said he just wanted to know if anybody between age of 16 & 23 lived in the house?
(Anonymous user)
October 15th  2015 12:31
log suppliers
This number has just phoned me and asked about LOG suppliers and was I happy with the service. I have jus finished a night shift and was half asleep I am concerned about other people's comments that say we could be charged for the phone call, they knew my name which is worrying and he needed the call sharply saying he will call back
(Anonymous user)
April 6th  2017 19:37
Scam ?
Call from this number claimed to be from department of work and pensions wanted to give me advice on my pension
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