Who phoned me from 01315690035

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(Anonymous user)
January 8th  2013 10:23
Cold call, nuisance call
I think they are asking me to reclaim PPI - left the phone on one side till call finishned and reporting it to as many sites as I can!
(Anonymous user)
January 9th  2013 17:05
Automated call saying I had'nt claimed refund.
No idea who they were claiming I hadn't claimed refund, what refund??
(Anonymous user)
January 14th  2013 11:27
automatic message from lady with nice voice
but wanting me to press 5 or 9, which I did not , of course.
I guess it must be to do with PPI, but it is scare mongering as well as a nuisance as she says it is urgnet!
Bilbo Baggins
(Anonymous user)
January 14th  2013 11:50
Recorded message re claims
Just had one of these calls, at no time did they give a company name, and what i was " entitled" to was vague. I''ve reported it to ICO via their website, quick and easy www.ico.gov.uk/

Interestingly have you noticed that this web page and all the others of the " who phoned " type have ads for claiming PPI and the like, just a co-incidence. I think not.

All part of the overall plan.

Regards, Bilbo
(Anonymous user)
January 14th  2013 22:21
Was called today by this number telling me I had a refund andtime was running out etc and to press 5 or 9 if this or that. Recorded message so could not give an appropriate reply!
(Anonymous user)
January 17th  2013 14:27
Recorded message re calim..
Recorded message saying time running out to make a claim. Humg up at that point.
(Anonymous user)
January 18th  2013 21:41
Again and again and again
I'm fed up with this number phoning me. Can't anyone do anything about this company?
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