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(Anonymous user)
April 4th  2012 18:03
Blank calls from this number
I started receiving calls from this number today. every time I answer I get a tone and then it hangs up.

On the last call I answered but didn't say anything. After 10 seconds there was a voice message and then it disconnected. The message said 'You were called by XXX. No further action is necessary'. Unfortunately the message is so quick that I didn't catch the name of the company. It sounded like 'every nest' ?!?
(Anonymous user)
April 6th  2012 10:24
Mortgage Advice Services
After 11 calls in 3 days I finally got to speak to a human.

Apparently this is Mortgage Advice Services in Derby.

Now added to my blocked caller list...
(Anonymous user)
August 29th  2012 15:17
Mortgage advice services
Call them on 013322570000 press 0 and say you have made complaint to ofcom and can you have your number removed.
Also takes 1 minute to register the company complaint on ofcom please.
type in ofcom silent calls into google
(Anonymous user)
September 3rd  2012 14:07
I too have had annoying silent calls from this number. I have called them and told them I belong to the Telephone Preference Scheme and have reported them to Ofcom and they say that my number will be removed from their databased today
(Anonymous user)
September 24th  2012 18:40
Ring them direct on 01332 257087. Cheeky buggers still tried to sell me mortgage advice! We were getting 3/4 calls a day for a week.
(Anonymous user)
October 24th  2012 15:06
I rang that number and spoke to Louise. She apologised and said she would remove the number straight away.
(Anonymous user)
September 11th  2013 14:27
i'm getting 5 or 6 calls a day, bleeding nuisance
(Anonymous user)
September 26th  2012 22:01
blank calls
I started getting calls from this number 10 days ago at present I do not answer the during the day.I have had 3 calls today the last one at 7.45pm.
(Anonymous user)
October 15th  2012 13:26
Mortgage Advice Services Derby
Go to their website and try emailing them - oh don't bother the emails all bounce back. I have repeatedly told this bunch of idiots to remove my number over the past year as I am TPS registered and they just ignore it - When will OFCOM do anything about them - I have complained many times to them about this company and yet they still do nothing. I can't block the number on my system so just ignore them now but still blooming annoying. Glad there is somewhere to vent off steam about them.
(Anonymous user)
October 24th  2012 15:09
Silent calls
Try phoning 01332 257087 and ask for your number to be removed from their database.
(Anonymous user)
April 25th  2013 17:36
Mortgage advice rubbish
Got a call from this number today.
Picked up the phone and silence for 10 seconds the line went dead.
Did 1471 and called back and gave them the silent treatment.
(Anonymous user)
June 20th  2013 14:36
I get calls from this number 4 - 5 times a day, no-one there, then they hang up. tried calling them back and I get a message "All calls to this number is blocked" If anyone finds out who it is I would be interested in sueing for harassment.
(Anonymous user)
September 12th  2013 21:10
A pain in the neck!!!
I don't usually answer my phone unless I am expecting a call from someone I do want to speak to, as I have been getting calls from this number several times a day. It's ridiculous!
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