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(Anonymous user)
January 31st  2012 13:21
Another PPI reclaim company
They just won't take no for an answer - I have never bought any of this stuff but they refuse to believe me.
A.N. Noyed
(Anonymous user)
March 14th  2012 11:20
Automatic Call with No Answer
These people keep calling and there is no one available at their end to speak to. This must stop!
totally peed off
(Anonymous user)
March 29th  2012 15:38
Aggressive spammers
We are TPS listed, never invite calls from any companies, and still they keep haranguing us. Companies like this need to be stopped. They are the scum of the earth.
(Anonymous user)
May 28th  2012 13:27
I don't have PPI
I don't have and have never had PPI. Someone please pull the plug on this number.
let it ring
(Anonymous user)
June 11th  2012 15:09
4 calls from this number
i just let the phone ring as dont know who they are
but after reading what others say thats its PPI
dont have any never have end of story.
(Anonymous user)
December 4th  2012 15:52
Very aggressive PPI claim company
Rang for my wife, spoke to her very aggressively, wouldn't take no for an answer, would not take my number off their database on my instruction, had to put my wife back on.
(Anonymous user)
December 10th  2012 19:04
nusance caller
yet more waste of time caller PPI again
(Anonymous user)
April 10th  2013 12:59
automated call
this was an automated call, saying they were n-cass (spelling?) and world receive a call in a few days. If i wanted to call them i should ring....
(Anonymous user)
April 30th  2013 13:58
Pull the plug!
These people are a real pain. They ought to know by now that I never respond to their calls. I used to let the answer phone take the call, but now, when I see the number come up, I unplug it. If they don't want to leave a message, that's their problem, so I am not giving them the choice. Tough luck whoever you are!
(Anonymous user)
July 11th  2013 16:59
Someone from that number has pretended to be my mother in law's bank and she is in her 90s and become very distressed. Who are they? Why do they prey on vulnerable people? Can anyone help us stop them calling?
(Anonymous user)
July 16th  2013 19:06
get them barred
sort of company that causes a lot of stress for the elderly.. this practise should be banned outright,, would they like us to keep calling them at their homes
(Anonymous user)
November 8th  2013 14:03
they call twice a day
Didn't answer their calls having seen these comments They persist in ringing twice a day for the last month Pain

(Anonymous user)
November 20th  2013 14:25
22 blocked calls this month
Thank you call blocker on my HTC phone.
sick and tired
(Anonymous user)
June 6th  2014 19:54
They call themselves NCAS
Keep phoneing me and whont tell me why unless I conferm who I am I keep asking me whot they want but just whont tell me I hve terminal cancer and have enough problems in a day without these wankas
(Anonymous user)
June 8th  2014 07:18
Professional spammers
Its clear the government is sofar unable to deal with this kind of sh1t.

if you manage to speak to any of these lowlife scams and spams.........

keep them on the line for as long as the time you feel you can waste.
Keep asking them to repeat things

Tell them its a bad line.

Just hang up - you owe them nothing
(remember your landline takes up to 2 minutes to cut off (if they, the spammer, stay on line after you have put your receiver down)
Blow a real whistle down the line when you've had enough

If they call your mobile - set it up to auto cut off the number
(Anonymous user)
July 29th  2014 16:50
Thank god for call blocking applications', i block everything unless i know who is calling.. I'm loving the application
(Anonymous user)
August 6th  2014 21:39
WHO THE F.... R U?
Keep getting those calls from this number, at any time of the day, late at night too! so pissed off I wish they leave me alone.
(Anonymous user)
October 22nd  2014 15:25
I have been told on good authority that if you do not answer they will still keep you on there list until such time that you do, however if they do not get the answer they are looking for some will continue to try again. I now have a message on my answer phone that says due to excessive nuisance calls I only answer the phone to numbers I recognise. if they want me to call them back leave a number and I will if I want to. I think it is working, the calls have reduced tremendously!!
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