Who phoned me from 01409220409

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(Anonymous user)
March 5th  2012 10:53
Distance learning course provider BSY -
They offer courses such as alternative health and areas such as anger management etc. It was a follow-up call from the info pack I requested from them.
(Anonymous user)
May 18th  2013 07:38
Who's number is this 01409220409
I changed my number and I keep getting calls from this number I'd answer it but I'm never in when they call so just wondering anyone else had a call or no this number.
(Anonymous user)
July 15th  2013 15:39
BSY Distance Learning College
The calls you are getting are from your personal Student Advisor at BSY or Regent Academy Distance learning college. The reason for their call is to see if you need any further advice or information regarding any courses you havr been looking at studying. They are very friendly and very helpful.
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