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(Anonymous user)
June 8th  2012 16:14
answer phone message from this number
somebody left a message with a case refernce number asking me cal them back i have no clue who this is and what they want my phone number is es-directory can anybody help.
(Anonymous user)
July 18th  2012 10:42
Zinc Group
I got one too and called to see who they are. He said they were the Zinc Group. I asked what kind of company they were and he said "various things". He asked for my phone number to see why we were called and what it would have been regarding. When I pressed him for an example of the types of "various things" his company does, he hung up on me.
(Anonymous user)
August 14th  2012 12:47
Two strange calls from this number...
Just received a call from this number asking for Miss X (names have been changed to protect the guilty!), and I told the man that he had the wrong number. Two minutes later he called again and asked for Miss Y, and I again told him that he had the wrong number. He said that this was the number that Miss Y had given, and I told him that this was most definitely MY number and had been for many years. He apologised and said that he would get my number taken off the system. Very strange that TWO different people had given MY number...
(Anonymous user)
December 28th  2012 08:10
My elderly mother, who is on an ex-directory number, got a call from these creeps on 19 Dec 12 with a chap by the name of Mark Petchy (or similar sounding name) leaving a message saying it was urgent and that he was ringing from Zinc. My mother is quite deaf and finds these unwelcome calls quite distressing. She neither owes money or wants cold calls from tossers in these unscrupulous call centre type places.

Worryingly, they quoted her surname, which they have probably got from some marketing list. This is not the first call from these types of creeps, as QuickQuid have done the same in the past. When you call them on their number to find out what they want, you always get an answer phone message that they will ring you back.
(Anonymous user)
May 29th  2013 17:43
They are a collections company. Collecting on Behalf of Barclays/ Virgin media and other companies. Seemed polite when they phoned about my small dept.
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