Who phoned me from 01414194380

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(Anonymous user)
October 30th  2013 17:51
Constant evening calls ??
Basil Brush
(Anonymous user)
January 15th  2014 19:04
Some idiot calling on behalf of Vodafone
(Anonymous user)
January 31st  2014 16:43
some idiot&pedo
some idiot called me up about Vodafone he asked me what I was doing on the weekend, he asked me if I wanted to go up to Scotland for the day he asked if I was working, so I asked him why are you asking me all these questions and his reply was laughing and saying 'im not a fake person haha you can look up on the website that im a real person offering discounts on iphones,samsung galaxy, new blackberrys' I was that stupid that I was talking on the phone to him for ages. be aware that if you get a phone call with this number 01414194380 DO NOT ANSWER! im aware that he is a fake person, but tried to fall me asking me all kind of stupid questions. he had people speaking in the background and having music on making out it was a real Vodafone call:) if you get a call reject the call or tell someone if you have any worries. THANKYOU!! :)
(Anonymous user)
February 17th  2014 12:30
constant harrasement
Told me he was from MFI, contacting me regarding my kitchen order... As far as i can remember MFI had been liquidised even before the credit crunch took place. Totally annoying amount of calls received. Reject this number if it rings
(Anonymous user)
February 20th  2014 19:01
Nursery Nurse Leah
After a day of running around after 50 children, the last thing i want is to come home for a sleep, only to be woken up by some idiot asking me stupid questions and not even managing to get to his actual point of calling before i ended the call by playing him at his own game, asking him questions like: So when exactly do you plan to get a life because i've been working all day and the last thing i need is to come home to some cold caller who obviously doesn't have a legitimate business to cold call about asking me bizarre questions in a bizarre way. Fortunately, the guy is quie dumb and got more than he bargained for with me. I urge you to treat him the same way.
(Anonymous user)
February 27th  2014 16:27
just do one and leave me alone!!!!
(Anonymous user)
March 1st  2014 13:08
unknown phone call
this is my first call from this number and I made the mistake of sending a text back to it as it came through to my mobile, I just want to say do one and leave me alone whoever is calling!
(Anonymous user)
March 3rd  2014 20:10
Received 3 calls on my mobile
Called me once during a family funeral - ignored it.

Called me in the afternoon today - said he was from "Vodaphone" and asked for my son (my mobile number used to belong to my son) - then said he would call back later

As promised, they called again at 8pm.

Ignore them - it's clearly a scammer. Glasgow number.
(Anonymous user)
March 3rd  2014 21:52
I just had a phone call off this number and as I don't answer numbers I don't know anyway, I thought I'd look it up first and found this :-).

who ever it is has now been blocked :-). Thank God I never answered the call.
(Anonymous user)
March 4th  2014 16:51
persistent callers
...these are persistent little buggers! In the last 2 weeks I've had 14 attempted calls!!! If I don't know the number I ignore it, unfortunately windows phones don't havethe facilities to block calls and numbers!
(Anonymous user)
March 12th  2014 19:50
Windows phone does have that ability , that's how i block this number . 12 calls in 14 days . Not bad , still not going to answer them .
(Anonymous user)
March 12th  2014 20:16
go here


use live chat & tell them to remove you from lists
Dave - Chorley
(Anonymous user)
June 9th  2014 21:15
Who's ringing who?
Has persistently rang me over the last 7 days, have answered it twice but it gave a ringing tone like I was ringing them!
Obviously a scam.
I'm on a windows phone so will have to read the instructions to find out how to block!
(Anonymous user)
July 14th  2014 13:37
Nuisance calls
This number constantly phones my mobile but I never answer but have texted them to stop phoning me but they keep doing it. I wish there was a way to stop these annoying phone calls.
(Anonymous user)
July 15th  2014 18:53
iv had alot of calls off this number if they ring again im blowing a whistle dwn the phone gettin annoyed with them now
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