Who phoned me from 01415586636

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(Anonymous user)
June 9th  2018 14:56
Another BT scam
Typical Indian telling me there are problems with my broadband.
Asked them what my name was and line went dead.
(Anonymous user)
June 25th  2018 14:58
Call from India insisting we were due a payment from Npower.
We are not.
(Anonymous user)
August 9th  2018 12:27
Trying to obtain information
Very rude men asking about our Utility providers .. NPower & CNG Gas .. Saying we are due a refund ... Have rang 4 times, yesterday and today ...
(Anonymous user)
August 10th  2018 11:10
Trying to send an engineer
Claimed to be from our energy provider, had the correct company name, business address and phone numbers for both the business and my office. Saying they would send an engineer out to run a meter reading this coming Monday.

They're getting bolder, and scary that they already seem to have all of my details!
(Anonymous user)
August 14th  2018 10:50
Pretending to be British Gas
Told me they were from British Gas and that there was a problem with their system and wanted to send someone round to read the meter. Then hung up once I challenged them on this.
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