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December 3rd  2012 17:55
constant pestering
(Anonymous user)
January 11th  2013 18:31
It's Swinton Insurance
Who have been ringing you
(Anonymous user)
August 19th  2013 15:20
Its Swintons online insurance. I get calls only when my insurance is due for renewal
(Anonymous user)
October 22nd  2013 19:47
Calling me then hanging up!
Pestering me with constant calls and they hang up every time I answer - I have just taken insurance out with Swinton so what are they playing at?!!
(Anonymous user)
November 5th  2013 10:04
I have'nt even approached these guys.......
The only reason why these calls are being made is because contact details have been gained for them to call you and waste your time.
(Anonymous user)
November 27th  2013 11:20
Blocked their number
Got a quote a year ago for bike insurance and now they wont leave me alone.
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