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(Anonymous user)
June 3rd  2012 13:41
Phone Hackers
These people hacked in to my home phone, intercepted my mobile number, hacked in to my voice mail and came to my house pretending to be coppers.
(Anonymous user)
March 24th  2013 12:25
A woman used to work for Hull City Council a warden who helps pensioners. Every time she came she always said bad things about me. She then left to work as Hull paramedic for the Hull Royal Hospital. She gave my land line and mobile numbers to someone. I kept hearing a lot of noises and shouting of death threats and insults. I rang the police on my mobile and they intercepted it. They then hacked in to my land line phone when I rang the police with that one. They left a voice message on my voice mail. This message and and the text mysteriously disappeared and all the numbers on my mobile were changed to it's own number so it looks like my own mobile rang itself. 01482 566377 this phone number was left on my mobile then it disappeared. I told the council and Crimestoppers. Council didn't want to know and never heard anything from Crimestoppers.
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