Who phoned me from 01515249700

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(Anonymous user)
November 17th  2011 21:17
Had a missed call
had a missed call
(Anonymous user)
November 23rd  2012 09:59
Insurance scam?
They seemed to be fishing to find out whether I would admit to a 'motor vehicle incident' in the last 3 years. Since I have had none, I presume that they start offering insurances once you volunteer information.
(Anonymous user)
November 23rd  2012 13:30
Had a missed call
Missed call - no message. Not going to call them back.
(Anonymous user)
January 9th  2013 15:28
continually getting calls from this number
calls all times of the day and into the night. they are a pain
(Anonymous user)
August 17th  2013 23:35
01515249700 is Echelon Marketing. A call centre.
Echelon marketing .is the company. Listed as a call centre. Did a search on the telephone number.. I just ignored it
(Anonymous user)
August 20th  2013 08:27
I have had loads of missed calls from this number...sometime I have picked up just to get a voice mail...howdo I stop these coming through !
(Anonymous user)
September 28th  2013 12:01
Missed call, no message.
(Anonymous user)
November 11th  2013 18:05
Ignored call as in USA on holiday!
Don't want to incur roaming costs listening to someone rabbiting on about something I don't need
(Anonymous user)
November 20th  2013 15:40
Answered phone and no one there
Just received a call from 01515249700 at 15.27 today. I answered but there was no one there. I hung up after waiting 15 seconds. I subscribe to the Telephone Preference Service so this company called me illegally because I opt out of ALL marketing calls.
(Anonymous user)
November 20th  2013 19:12
had a call
had a call from mama
(Anonymous user)
November 21st  2013 12:28
Had a call yets again frm this number. The even had my name this time I'm sick of the calls I'm getting I'd like to no who's givein them my number hurl abouse at them the soon pt the fone down
(Anonymous user)
November 21st  2013 13:41
ignore them!!!
apparently i have had an incident in my car i tild her to sod off as i know better!Would love to kbow whos selling my info as she actually used my full name- know one calls me that :-) ignore and inform others of this number theyl soon bugger off xx
(Anonymous user)
November 22nd  2013 11:00
scam caller
Caller with Liverpool accent from UCS Insurance stating I had a minor collision in the last 3 years. i dont drive or ride so its another Scam caller.
(Anonymous user)
November 22nd  2013 13:10
Received a missed call from this number
Chose to ignore it as I do all numbers I do not recognise, i then research the internet to make sure I know who it is. I then block the calls on my iPhone.
(Anonymous user)
November 26th  2013 12:26
i had one of these ppl and i suggest that if u do get one shove the law in their face
Steve P
(Anonymous user)
November 29th  2013 14:56
Fed up with a call to my mobile each week from 0151 524 9700. Should be able to sue these nuisance people for harassment.
(Anonymous user)
December 2nd  2013 11:37
Steve Bahrain
refused to answer this as I know its a cold calling idiot trying to sell something
(Anonymous user)
December 13th  2013 14:09
Someone trying to find out if I had an accident recently and if there was someone in the car with me and whether it was my fault. As I said yes, he rang off very quickly without giving me a chance to ask.
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