Who phoned me from 01613859101

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(Anonymous user)
March 28th  2012 11:10
a pain
i bought a whistle for this number when they call they never call back
Alan Walker
(Anonymous user)
November 15th  2012 22:22
Pest Calls
I receive a call each day from this number. The call is direct to my mobile phone voice mail. A female voice says "If this is you press two, if not press one".
This call each day is becoming a real pain. Please help.


Alan Walker
Vodka Pete
(Anonymous user)
November 29th  2012 09:27
Debt collectors
Most of us now have smart phones were you can block numbers from certain people i get over 70 calls a week from various debt collectors on one phone which is on silent so they can ring as often as they like but today i got a text mssg saying
YOU MISSED A CALL FROM ME 08.59 29 NOV. THIS IS A FREE CALL ALERT FROM 02.........................yer right whatever just keep telling them that it is a corporate number they are calling or a business number and you know nothing........good luck to us all...
(Anonymous user)
February 7th  2013 16:06
0161 385 9101
If you are receiving calls from this number 0161 385 9101 it is

J D Williams & Company Limited, direct home shopping company
J D Williams & Company Limited is part of N Brown Group plc.

Registered office: Griffin House, 40 Lever Street, Manchester, M60 6ES. Registered in England.

Registered in England Number: 00178367
VAT registration number: 148 8796 03

J D Williams & Company Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority

Simply B are a company who work for J D Williams and are responsible for making the calls.
Their number is 0870 160 1941 ask to speak to Karren Doubleday
(Anonymous user)
March 12th  2014 19:09
This number called me several times on my mobile, so I called it back on my land line, an auto voice said I was in a queue at 10p a minute it soon adds up I hung up. I will see if they call me back! I'm going to scream in the persons ear loud for being a bloody nuisance!.
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