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(Anonymous user)
September 12th  2013 12:56
This is Fresh Start Finance
Hi Fresh Start Finance if you are reading this! There are some other numbers that they call on below. The key is to answer your phone and remain silent. Their computer system will not connect you to anybody but it will waste a small amount of money for them on their phone bill. Also, download software for your phone such as Droidblock on Android and that will allow to progressively block all of their numbers like I have.

0161 4293365 / 07837 697290 / 07837 710962
Paul Inight
(Anonymous user)
November 29th  2013 08:39
Total pest company, FRESH START FINANCE
This lot have been phoning me for so long now, its unbelievable. I have no business with them, at all, and hav,nt a clue how they got my no, but when they phone, I just curse and swear at them on the phone. There,s another site people can go on, just write in their phone no on Google, and just click on Who Calls me. Ive copied and pasted the complaints people have about them, and re emailed it back to them. If anyone really wants to prove a point to these tosser,s, look up FRESH START FINANCE. and look up contact us. I,ve copied and pasted the complaints back to them, but still they phone and phone and phone, so why not just swear at them, i,ve never been done for it, but what can they do anyway.
(Anonymous user)
November 29th  2013 16:00
total nightmare caller
Am so sick of these idiots phoning me every 15 minutes. why don`t they just get the message that i`m not interested in what they have to say.
(Anonymous user)
December 12th  2013 16:28
I sent them a lovely anon email
If I could hack there website I would as there taking the piss, maybe ill pass it onto someone who can, a eye for a eye a tooth for a tooth.
(Anonymous user)
June 6th  2014 12:49
Just called me . . . . .0161 429 3365
I used to just hang up or try and get their details to pass onto the ICO as I am TPS, but they are either evasive, give generic information or are abusive when they know you don't want their product or service. Now, I am interested in all cold callers and their products. I talk to them until they realise that I have no interest in their product. My record is 18 minutes and 38 seconds. Sometimes I like to put them on hold while I answer the door just before agreeing to take out their service )
(Anonymous user)
June 19th  2014 17:49
So fed up of these calls. Sorry for the people doing the jobs, they are just trying to earn a wage, but please I have now had enough.
I used to hang up, but now I am very polite, tell them I am not interested, thank them for calling and hang up.
(Anonymous user)
July 31st  2014 12:28
keeps ringing says nothing as soon as i say hello
keeps ringing as soon as i say hello they hang up.
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