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(Anonymous user)
May 16th  2012 13:51
money finance
They never took my answers for what they was, argued my situation over the phone!!! They repeatedly told me i had debts when they never existed.... absolute nightmare!!
(Anonymous user)
May 17th  2012 17:15
berns and ernest, so they say
Totally anoying. hangup!
(Anonymous user)
August 18th  2012 13:40
Baines and Earnst??
Absolutely fed up. Kept calling endlessly everyday, for over a month. Argued that it was never them before, said they are calling for the first time ever, and there is no note to say I was called before. They said they get their list from another source....Get this.......they said that they are only calling because someone from my home had secretly called them requesting financial assistance and due to data protection they cannot speak to me!!! Haha!!! There was no one by the name of the person they were asking for. I have lived in this house for over 10 years, and previously there is no one of that name either.
(Anonymous user)
August 22nd  2012 19:40
Told them straight
After the last week or so of 2-4 phone calls a day from these idiots, (didn't answer them and they didn't leave a message), I finally snapped phoned them up asked them who they were (they would not tell me as they wanted to speak to the wife, not me). I let them have it, they argued so told them if they ring our number again I would report them to OFTEL, the OFT and the Police for telephone harassment and also I was recording the conversation, they soon rang off.
(Anonymous user)
January 14th  2013 16:11
Did you have to report them, both my husband and myself have had this harassment from them over the past year or so and they will not take NO for an answer I tried threatening today as a last straw and the man just kept on so I eventually had to hang up on him is there someone that you can really report them to ?
(Anonymous user)
October 30th  2012 15:51
Would not say
Called asking to speak to someone who does not live nor has ever lived at this house. Would not say what the call was about because of 'data protection'. Told them we were registered with Telephone Preference Services but they were adamant that this was not a cold call. But couldn't tell me what it was about in case I was lying to them! These are pests.
(Anonymous user)
February 21st  2013 09:38
Harassment caller! Save the number and ignore
I saved the number in my phone as they kept calling me for days and months and I did not need their services or ever even call them, but typically my children playing with my phone called them by accident. I cut off immediately- but They returned the call saying I called them. I said I merely saved the number due to them being a harassment caller , and it was rang by mistake. i said that every time I get a call I can see its their company who is calling and immediately report them. I repeated that they are a harassment caller a few more times in the short call - they did not try to sell me anything or argue with me and simply said sorry and hung up.
(Anonymous user)
March 7th  2013 21:20
Never Ending
I've had it with this lot. Told them to p*** o** and would you believe it, they called me again 2 minutes later. I've reported them to the police and to OFTEL. If I get another call from them it will be a solicitors letter delivered by a very big mate who will let them know in no uncertain terms what the next step will be.
(Anonymous user)
March 26th  2013 11:32
Have been rang over 20 times in March, three times today, all asking for someone who does not work for the company number they keep ringing. They have promised to remove it from their records but then i get another call 10 minutes later. I just lost it with the last guy who accused me of being the husband of whoever he wanted and covering for her, told him to F**k off but he just carried on. Going to Oftel to report these jerks.
(Anonymous user)
April 16th  2013 12:02
asking for names that doesn`t exist just hang up on him
(Anonymous user)
May 30th  2013 07:37
Use phone warrior to block them
(Anonymous user)
June 17th  2013 19:09
Same as above going to report them
(Anonymous user)
October 3rd  2013 16:44
harassing call
People are call me three time a day from this number 01616567753 and waking up my family.
(Anonymous user)
November 7th  2013 16:52
Nuisance Phonecalls
I often get phone calls on my home phone from these people, there almost certainly a scam company, I rang them back on the number they had phoned me on 01616567753, but if you put the no 141 in front, they don,t get your no, by all means try it to hide your own phone no.
I got an answer machine and they never answered but I got a company name called Financial Solution Experts. I tried it in Google, and could,nt find the company.If I managed to get an email address I just copy and paste this page, of what some people do about these pests and i send them a rather abusive email, and it does seem to work. These people seem to think they have a god given right to pester the public, but when the public manage to get hold of their email, they they don,t like it, especially when I email, and give them maximum abuse. And why not.
(Anonymous user)
December 2nd  2013 18:46
They have rang me twice today but I just hung up on them told me they were a finance group and very pushy they are so just hung up on him.
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