Who phoned me from 01618710849

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(Anonymous user)
May 28th  2013 15:17
possibly the Money Group
Constant calls from multiple numbers that disconnect once answered,
I checked other numbers i have recieved calls like this from and they are all Money Group numbers.
nanna bat
(Anonymous user)
June 11th  2013 07:33
early morning calls!!
Had dozens of calls on my mobile from this number usually between 6.30am and 8.am then between 2.30pm and 10pm nobody on the other end when answer an call gets cut off, never leave message donits cold calling and I dont phone back
(Anonymous user)
June 12th  2013 16:43
who could this be i dont know
(Anonymous user)
June 12th  2013 20:19
A pain in the neck!
Regularly phone but tonight 3 times within a couple of hours. Thank goodness for 1471
(Anonymous user)
June 24th  2013 20:01
Every time I answer there's no one on the other end!! Calls between 8pm and 10pm
(Anonymous user)
July 22nd  2013 17:44
stop ringing
I have had these numbers calling me, 0115 917 3315, 0161 871 0849, 0161 429 3340 and 0115 939 9000. All these after I put my CV onto one of those job sites on Wednesday last week, some of them are calling up to 6 times a day!!! thanks alot.
(Anonymous user)
July 26th  2013 15:34
Non stop
Getting non stop calls from 0161 871 0849 and various other numbers all connected to the money group, trust money and 0161 871 0849 is Harrington Brooks. They are all persistent and I am fed up off telling them I am not interested in any of there services.
(Anonymous user)
August 27th  2013 14:25
Every day!
I've been getting numerous calls from 0161 871 0849 and 0115 971 3315, plus texts from a mobile number about loan applications. I tracked down the texts to a company called Horizon Finance who promised to take my name off the list and the texts have stopped but the calls are still coming. It's driving me nuts!

I don't remember giving out my numbers on any surveys or anything recently so no idea where I've been picked up from!!
(Anonymous user)
October 8th  2013 18:36
keep getting calls from this number,
keep getting calls from this number, never heard of them, or their company before, got to the point, I will no longer answer incoming calls from this number. Is there no way to block them from calling folk, and annoying people? when will these people learn after reading all the above comments, I WILL NOT BE ANSWERING ANY CALLS FROM THIS NUMBER ....SORRY BUT I AIN'T THAT DUMB! stop wasting my time, and yours.... and your not effecting my call balance either by me returning this call.... nice try, but epic fail.... ha ha .
(Anonymous user)
October 16th  2013 14:31
I get about three calls a day from this number. I have not answered it, as if they cannot leave a message then I can't be bothered
(Anonymous user)
October 23rd  2013 15:41
Harrington Brooks

I've been called by this number - It is Harrington Brooks, a debt management company.

The told me they get names and numbers from pay day loan declines supplied to them from other companies, which in my case at least, may be true.

I work in a call centre and can offer this advice - answer the call.
These calls are automated and only connect a telesales agent once someone answers the call.

So they can potentially ring and ring. Take the call, say your are not interested and ask for your details to be removed from their systems.

If there is no one there when you answer that is because there is not an agent available to take your call at that moment - Grrrrrr.

If you don't want to speak to them use the contact form on their site demanding they cease calling you, or better still ask to be added to their no dial list.


hope this helps

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October 28th  2013 20:04
Its a loan broker taking information online.
If you have compared loans online or made a slight intrest of a loan and entered your phone number or any of these sites they will ring. They one me once and i told him very angrily im not intrested as im getting lots of these calls. 2 hours later i got a phone call and i decided to play them. Everytime he asked a question i said yes, yes, yes,yes and i kept repeating it until the man on the phone hang up.
(Anonymous user)
January 7th  2014 14:50
they stole all my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dont trust people who fone your phone
(Anonymous user)
February 12th  2014 19:48
annoying caller
01618710849 is harrassing me between 8am untill 11pm its not harrington brooks like some one says it is i went to their siteits not therenumber or area code they had mynumberichanged it now the harras me on my new number WHO ISIT?
(Anonymous user)
February 18th  2014 10:31
Said it was Harrington Brooks
Answered call, gave no card info, they tried to offer me a loan, I declined, hopefully that's an end to it
(Anonymous user)
February 24th  2014 14:51
harrington brooks a finacial services, called em back and told em take me off their call list, then they hung up
(Anonymous user)
March 17th  2014 11:23
this people stole my money don't trast them
(Anonymous user)
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