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(Anonymous user)
March 30th  2018 14:18
Another scam
Another spoofer trying to con the public out of money using the BT Openreach scam
Wildlife Rescue
(Anonymous user)
April 1st  2018 11:31
This is our line, we run a wildlife rescue
This is not a scam number. It is ours and we run a wildlife rescue.

Scammer automatic dialling has picked it as part of the 01635 block using it to mask their number. People doing 1471 are effectively trying to call a scammer back, why would you do that? We have had to put up with calls from people all over the country, every 2 minutes for the past 48 hours.

If you miss a call and it was important people will call you back but if you call a number you don't recognise and it's a spoof then you are confirming your number is active so they can get you on their database.

I have put a message on the machine explaining but even then we get people asking why we called them, we didn't. The Fraud Office are aware of the issue and are monitoring our line so they can prove it wasn't us making the calls.
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