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(Anonymous user)
September 14th  2013 16:58
so annoying!
A very persistant gentleman kept ringing. He wanted me to verify my computer id number. I refused to get involved. He said he was calling from the www server and that my computer had generated a message to them. He called a total of 15 times. In the end just left the phone off. Think it must be a scam. Be interested to hear if anyone else has had this call.
(Anonymous user)
October 26th  2013 16:30
Scam call - pretending to fix Microsoft computers
Had a call today at approx 14:00 saying something about errors on my computer, so immediately knew it was a scam call. They claim to be calling from the 'world wide web', instead of a company, which is amusing in itself. I followed a bit of their blurb for a while on an old laptop not connected to the internet. Essentially, they'll ask you bring up the 'Run' dialog box and type in 'eventvwr', which brings up the event viewer log. Then they'll ask you to look at 'Administrative events', which brings up a list of 'errors' - all perfectly normal, by the way. They'll say this shows all the critical errors on your computer, that can't be cleared or deleted. They expect you to panic and think they need fixing, go to the website they tell you, at which point they'll either charge you money or gain access to your computer. Probably both.
(Anonymous user)
November 6th  2013 19:15
Lady in trouble call
Just had a phone call from a woman who doesn't say any words but she sounds in trouble and cuts off. I run a check number then call back 141 016466123456 (a suspicious number hence the 141 prefix). It turns out to be a 'Flextel' number. So I call Flextel and a recorded voice tells me I will be recorded but the 'live operator extension is unavailable'. Is it a scam? Who knows but I wouldn't recommend any company to use Flextel.
(Anonymous user)
November 8th  2013 14:22
Call from 'World Wide Web' 8/11/13 at 13.00hrs
After a long pause of silence the Caller satated :- "Hello Mam, I'm James from World Wide Web ...."
Before he could say more I replied "There is nothing wrong with my computer, this is a scam, if you call again I will call the police" and put the phone down.
They immediately called back and agressivesy said "How do know this is a scam?" I said because I didn't ask you to call and put phone down.
THEN the phone constantly rang but, I didn't pick up, and went on to answerphone and the only sound was the hubbub of a call centre - loads of voices, some talking (not to me) about computer faults and what people need to do. Some were asian sounding voices. This happenned 5 times strait off, using up about 10 minutes of answerphone time.
(Anonymous user)
November 8th  2013 14:29
Call from 'World Wide Web' follow up message
In addition to above :-
I called the number - using 141 prefix - and was informed by an American voice that the number had been mis-dialled and this was a 'Flextel number' and it was ready for service. It went on to say that I I wanted to have/activate this number take certain actions.

The original voice also had an American accent also. In second call he seemed worried about the reference to calling the police.

Had a similar call last week and told the caller that my husband was a professional IT man soe he would fix our computer when he got home. The line went dead!
(Anonymous user)
November 19th  2013 11:13
scam caller
just had a call from them telling me they are from my mail server exchange. I said - 'oh you are a scam'. They immeadiately hung up.
This is a scam company, they are trying to get access to your computer, they will ask you to visit a website and enter a code, then they have complete control of your computer.
(Anonymous user)
November 23rd  2013 18:39
Dont be fooled its a scam
This guy really doesn't leave you alone he got threatening in the end and I had to call the police and his number barred with my service provider. I had over 25 calls continuously but I couldn't take the phone of the hook as I was waiting for another important call nightmare don't let him fool you.
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