Who phoned me from 01709537291

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(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2012 12:02
debt managers ltd
debt managers ltd.- dont talk to them they never stop even if you arent who they are looking for.,
(Anonymous user)
June 2nd  2012 12:23
They are calling me about a debt from 2005 and that was under my bankruptcy order, they are constantly calling me not listening to a word I say. I spoke to my court and lady told me after 6 years they should not really be chasing you for the collection. Anyways Im bankrupt so they can take me to court the court will bloody laugh at them!!!! I'm angry with this constant calling
(Anonymous user)
October 10th  2012 11:59
I like to know
I am deaf n can't use answer call by that number 01709537291. I am using iPhone 4S
(Anonymous user)
January 15th  2013 10:33
Kept getting calls
I kept getting calls on my business number which is TPS listed. I did a 1471 and called them to have my no. removed which they say they will do. We'll see......It is Debt Managers Ltd. btw just google them for more details their web site has all the contact details you need.
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