Who phoned me from 01709765330

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(Anonymous user)
June 26th  2013 18:06
Sales team from Vodafone calling existing Cusotmers to see if there are other Vodafone products or services that you could use/sign up for.
(Anonymous user)
June 28th  2013 11:22
Very annoying!
Call twice a day, won't leave a message. Where did they get my number from?
(Anonymous user)
June 28th  2013 13:37
Shouty Man!
Five seconds of inaudible shouting, and then they hung up!
(Anonymous user)
June 28th  2013 18:01
Yea the some to me
They knew my name and ask me for streinch things, and then they hung up !!
(Anonymous user)
December 3rd  2013 17:13
who are these people
this is the second number that i dont know who has called me in the last couple of days i havnt answered it but i just might to hav a chat for as long as i can cus they payin for the call lol
(Anonymous user)
December 4th  2013 13:29
very annoying
i too am getting daily calls from this number. haven't bothered answering it, as its just another one of unsolicitored calls i get daily
(Anonymous user)
December 12th  2013 15:37
go away
I get loads of these calls every few days. don't leave a message. never do.
(Anonymous user)
March 7th  2014 16:40
I work for this company its called webhelp tsc its a legitimate business for telesale it is Vodafone we ring customer for vodafone and offer loyalty deals for tablets and additional handset cheaper then the shop. the reason it comes through that you get a few calls if you igore it is because we log and answer phone on our systerms which then bring the number back through at a later date to try again if you answer the call the call outcome will be logged properly so then you would not get another call if you wasnt interested. The reason of the music on is because we work 10 to 12 hours a day infront of a computer ringing people and talking to customers if there to make the work enviroment fun and enjoyable you can expect anyone in any job to sit in silence like lab rats and the call centre is a big open plan room and we hav loads of people taking which eckos sound (YOU NEVER WATCH THE PROGRAM ON TV CALL CENTRE) and what we do is a very sucessful thing ok not everyone is interested in what we have to offer but quite a lot of people are. But by ingoring the call that is why you get loads because we cant log the call as anything else.

The thousand of people these call centres keep in jobs and off job seekers and wasting good tax payers money i would stop moaning
(Anonymous user)
March 11th  2014 14:24
Basically harassment
Incredibly annoying, have been contacted several times a day for a couple of weeks. Always phones when I'm at work and never around lunchtime hours, so for the first few times I couldnt pick up. At this point I googled and saw the problems other people were having with this number, so decided to not pick up the phone. But still they keep phoning.Think its terrible other people's accounts of being harassed and bullied by the sales team being told that they are offering free things but then at the slightest hint of the person agreeing, then being roped into massive contracts that actually work out as more expensive (I saw some examples of £30 a month for 12 months for an item you could buy in shops for £120). I was actually free one time they phoned recently so I picked up and told them that I wasn't interested in anything they were trying to sell me but were pretending were free, that I wanted them to stop phoning me and to take me off their list. They had hung up on me before I'd even finished talking.
And yet I'm still being phoned by them.
I refuse to have to phone them back just so I can tell them to stop bothering me.

To the person who posted on March 7th, surely some people are interested because your company lies and tells people that its free as they are 'loyal Vodafone customers'? I have heard way too many of these stories now for you to lie further and say this isn't true, and I think it's appalling. Also, do you really think it's acceptable to phone people again and again day in day out when its pretty obvious they don't want you to?? I appreciate that it's your job and everyone's got to make a living somehow but don't try and pretend its anything other than what it obviously is- harassment.
(Anonymous user)
July 10th  2014 14:53
I changed my mobile number recently because of these so called unending 'harrassment' calls and registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS). I am a Vodaphone customer that has explained my reasons for the change, and will certainly be reporting them now that I know the calls are coming from them!

I just don't get that we live in a society where we are forced to be responsible for what we eat, drink and buy (the majority of whom end up either overweight, alcoholics or deep in debt). So why are we not able to decide on when we want or need a service? We are an intelligent race, put the details on your company website and we will find it there!
(Anonymous user)
July 22nd  2014 17:11
leaves no message
very annoying, calls often twice each day, no messages left on machine
(Anonymous user)
September 1st  2014 16:38
Block the calls if you dont want the harrasment
most phones these days have a facility to block calls. As this is not a with held number then it should be possible to block it.
(Anonymous user)
October 14th  2014 22:04
I am Vodafone customer but I object to two phone calls for whatever reason when I am at work it just amounts to nuisance calls
dog owner
(Anonymous user)
November 4th  2014 15:04
who is it
i had a call from 01709765330 don't know who it is but will not be calling them
(Anonymous user)
November 27th  2014 13:17
I am also getting calls from this number at least 4 times a day.
Very annoying and I am not going to answer or call them back.
(Anonymous user)
March 6th  2015 11:32
I finally answered and they hung up!
They had their chance. I've blocked them now - don't need any other products and I negotiate my own deals direct with Vodafone and do alright thank you very much!
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