Who phoned me from 01737235228

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(Anonymous user)
January 9th  2014 12:17
Debt collector
First credit
Sunny Jim
(Anonymous user)
June 12th  2014 18:17
Same here, but a recorded message for someone else. I can't even tell them to get lost!
P'd off
(Anonymous user)
January 10th  2014 20:55
Real pain the a**
I have no idea how these people got my number. They think it belongs to someone else. I explained that it's mine, always been mine asked to get removed from their list, politely, several times. They call in the middle of the day, while I'm at work and they have several different numbers. I've blocked many of them, but somehow, they still manage to phone me.... Nuisance and harassment !
(Anonymous user)
February 27th  2014 10:39
Same problem
Am receiving voice mails and text e very week for someone called Nicolas Dole can't get them to stop!! Do you know which company it is
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