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(Anonymous user)
January 4th  2012 19:48
01745 538229 is Greenthumb!!
I've had repeated "silent" and other unwanted calls from 01745538229 to my home (ex directory) number at times between 12.00 and 19.25.

Eventually found out that they are marketing calls "to discuss my lawn treatment" or "to carry out a customer satisfaction survey". Their number is 01745 538229, which is their St Asaph, N Wales HQ.

(Anonymous user)
January 5th  2012 11:40
I have also had calls from this number. They do seem to be really helpfull on the phone and have helped make my lawn look really nice. If they had not phoned I don't think I would have had these treatments done and I would have missed out.

I genuinely think it's a good thing. It shows they care.
(Anonymous user)
February 23rd  2012 16:56
I've had numerous calls from this number and finally got to speak to them the other day, it's not a cold call it is Greenthumb and I'm a customer of their's. The call was to pass on advice and recommendations for my lawn. I remember filling in a questionnaire with them to say I would like better communication so I can't complain as they're doing what I asked.
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2012 17:22
Had a call from the above number today and the person just hung up once I spoke
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2012 17:51
Just had a call from this number - nobody there. I am not a customer of theirs and I am registered with the telephone preference service (and am unlisted). Am going to report them if they call me again.
(Anonymous user)
July 23rd  2012 15:57
Still calling in July 2012 ...
The number called me in the afternoon of 23 July 2012. They hung up as soon as I spoke. Could be idle telesales staff clocking up their commission on numbers of calls made, without having any intention of taking the time to follow through with an actual sales or customer service query?
(Anonymous user)
January 3rd  2013 20:15
Sill calling Jan 2013
They rang me up asking if I wanted to buy a Star Wars DVD. Crazy. I've already got them all.
(Anonymous user)
January 15th  2013 09:40
MB Jan 14th 2013
rang me too, didn't reqcognised the number so thought it was a sales call, but they left no message which was strange!!!
(Anonymous user)
January 23rd  2013 19:45
23 Jan13
Following comments on here I hv listed this number as green thumb on my mobile....whether that is correct who mows, but it rings my mole loads.
(Anonymous user)
February 18th  2015 12:12
Hung up
Answered phone and they just hung up. Used to use Green Thumb but all they ever did was cover the lawn in a few chemicals and leave, which took about 5 minutes. My lawn ended up full of thatch and I had to get a small knowledgeable company in to sort it out. Green Thumb only became interested when I told them I was stopping their service.
(Anonymous user)
October 5th  2015 11:28
GreenThumb Lawn company
Great service, lawn looks great they normally only call if you've forgot to pay your bill
(Anonymous user)
April 11th  2016 11:38
I owe Green Thumb nothing not used them for years, Bad company bad franchisee. I do not reccomend them either.
Called a TPS number, reported.
(Anonymous user)
March 16th  2016 11:33
Cold call to mobile
Downright annoying, cold call to mobile then rings off before I can get across office to respond! Time wasting or what.
I have used Green Thumb and my lawn really benefited but when treatment failed refused to re-treat unless I spent another £200 on specialist treatments and my garden whilst large, is not THAT large! Cancelled service and now head office (?) ringing!
(Anonymous user)
March 21st  2016 13:27
Spam calls
They have called more than 10 times in the last few days. Including 3 times in 2 hours.
I am registered on the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) and the Mailing Preference Service (MPS) but they are breaking the law by ignoring this.
Don't be tempted to use them, especially the arrogant idiot in Ashbourne.
(Anonymous user)
April 11th  2016 11:33
I also have a call from and also TPS registered. I once used their services. I would not use again. I get better results from my own endeavours. I suppose it may depended on the franchisee. But for price they ae a con. You can buy the same products and use them yourself at a tenth of the cost. I am saying what i think of the company due to the fact they have spammed a TPS number which is illegal. I have reported to TPS and Ofcom. Ofcom will noy do aything unless the reported numbers stack up. So report them and they will be dealt with in time.
(Anonymous user)
June 8th  2016 18:35
Green Thumb don't seem to know when to give up.
Used Green Thumb between 2009 and 2010. Not a bad service and reasonably priced. However, then I moved out of the house (and into a flat). Told them then that I was moving into a property without a garden. 6 months later they asked me if I wanted them to come and look at my new garden. I repeated my previous statement, that I was living in a flat. Asked them to remove my details from their marketing database, as I was living in a wonderful flat, with rather nice landscaped gardens that were looked after by the letting agency.

They have called me 2-3 times every year since then. At first I was annoyed, but now I'm just amused.
(Anonymous user)
March 13th  2017 12:39
Has 2 calls from this number today- ignored 1st call and answered 2nd call but they hung up. I am not a customer of theirs and I am registered with the telephone preference service. Will report them if they call me again.
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