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(Anonymous user)
March 7th  2013 13:24
Sick of em!!
Stupid cold calls every day I get at least one or two of these. They never leave a message and sometimes the no is withheld. Whatever it is i'm not interested!! I wish they'd F off!! I always ignore the fone if it goes off before 7pm because I know it'll be one of those again. PPI or insurance or "We can get you a better deal on your energy provider" Yeah like i'm interested... Sometimes I even get them AFTER 7pm I reckon they're starting to cotton onto my ignoring plan...
D'Artagnan..all 41 and 14 all
(Anonymous user)
May 20th  2013 11:03
Sad losers!
Just had a call from this number. I know the economy is bad, but surely call makers, you have your pride!! Stop doing these jobs and the whole industry will collapse. It is only because there are idiots who will work for rich bosses for minimum wage that these call centres exist!
Have a look at your bosses car and then at yours.....who is getting anything out of this deal.....you??!! I doubt it..........GET A LIFE!!!
(Anonymous user)
June 17th  2013 16:33
Lost your voice
Just had a call from this number but they either can't speak or understand English or don't have the manners to leave a message. Maybe they should look for a better way to waste both their time and everybocy elses.
Common man
(Anonymous user)
July 25th  2013 14:16
Lobby your MP
If enough of us contact our local MP maybe they will act instead of trying to smooth things over.....if they took a poll on the publics reaction to cold callers they would have to do something.....oops...MP's are away from their desks now for a few months...summer recess.....bet there are no cold callers for them in their far away holiday retreats!!!!
wonder if the royal get any cold callers....probably not
(Anonymous user)
August 19th  2013 13:03
Sick of this number ringing and hanging up when I answer. Morons.
(Anonymous user)
August 21st  2013 19:07
Ring at least once a day,driving me mad! Who are they??
(Anonymous user)
August 23rd  2013 13:06
Had a call from 01792 828791 this morning.. eventually a woman said she wanted to discuss my refund. I hung up
(Anonymous user)
August 23rd  2013 14:43
just had 2 missed calls off this number to my mobile so not only do they block our landlines with pointless pathetic calls they are now starting on our mobiles disgusting
dipshit killers
(Anonymous user)
September 19th  2013 15:51
fucking wankers
they need to get a life and stop calling everyone or i will find out where they are and i will blow there heads off. i will then fill them full of dinamite and set it off so that they can not call any of us again and than i will do the same to any one that trys to stick up for them so that these gay wankers cant call me as i have hade enough.
Lord pest hater
(Anonymous user)
September 20th  2013 15:02
I think that you are far to easy on these waste of space, you do need to up-date use a modern form of desposal.
(Anonymous user)
October 18th  2013 09:50
'iphonic loans'
Caller from Wales said he was ringing from iphonic loans on behalf of a government department about any loans i'd had in the last 21 years. Said I wasn't interested and hung up.
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