Who phoned me from 01844398604

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(Anonymous user)
April 15th  2013 14:22
Get two calls a day from this number.
Has anyone else had calls from this number and do they know who
it is. I just reject each time.
(Anonymous user)
April 15th  2013 15:39
Just had a call litteraly
Just had a call from this number litterally, they hung up on me so looked them up on the internet wondering who had called.... tossers
(Anonymous user)
May 3rd  2013 15:13
They just keep on calling ......
they just keep calling and Im not answering - do they ever give up!?
(Anonymous user)
May 13th  2013 11:21
Had a phone call from this number on Thursday evening, just before 8pm. Answered the call as i thought it might have something to do with work.. It's an orange scam.

They ring and state that you are a valuable customer and they have more to offer you. Sounds all well and good... But on Thursday i personally phoned orange and stated that i thought i had a direct debit set up, they then told me i didnt, i am now 4 weeks late on a payment.. But i am a valuable customer? hmmm.. Better off just blocking the number!
(Anonymous user)
November 2nd  2013 12:37
It is EE telling you you have been a long term customer and are entitled to loyalty products- they will try to sell you additional lines and/or tablet products
(Anonymous user)
June 26th  2013 14:53
Had a call from 01844 398 604 looked it up on Orange website, [help and support, safety and security, calls from orange] and it's listed there...

Sold me 2 phones for my daughters at a discounted price and came in orange packaging etc... they say their systems can be delayed so when they say we don't know about anybody calling you, its the truth, but the system can take 72 hours to go between departments... It's a call from the Loyalty Team.

For more information go to... help. ee. co. uk /system/selfservice.controller?CONFIGURATION=1016&PARTITION_ID=1&secureFlag=false&TIMEZONE_OFFSET&CMD=VIEW_ARTICLE&USERTYPE=1&ARTICLE_ID=540790
(Anonymous user)
November 28th  2013 14:42
We got phone call from 01844398604 several times. The lady told me that I could get benefits by additional lines or tablets because I am a loyalty customer of Orange. I did not want to answer her questions. I told her I was satisfy with what I had. If I wanted to buy tablets, I would rather go to shop.
(Anonymous user)
July 20th  2013 00:06
Out of context
From April 17th 2013 I have recived calls from this number everyday. They did nothing and said nothing on the phone until one day I had a voicemail from them, the transcript was as below:
* 10 seconds of no talking* you are aware of some kind of rowdy crowd in the background
"Do you like Blurred Lines"
*inaudiable response*
"I think its Robin Thick"
"Yeah Robin Thick Blurred lines, put that on, your a DJ, it's a good request"
"There is no one there"
*hangs up*

This is very werid. The voicemail was recived at 3 am on a Friday early morning. I haven't got this message mixed up at all, at first I thorght that was what had happened but I have checked it 3 times prior and once more just now. I have also remotly accessed my voicemail incase it was the phone. I am livid beyond beleif and the next time they call I really will loose my temper and give them what for.
(Anonymous user)
August 22nd  2013 13:08
Had a call from this number, caller said they were from Orange checking on whether I wanted phones or iPads etc, asked who they were and was told EE or Orange. I asked if they were employed by Orange/EE and they confirmed yes.
(Anonymous user)
September 24th  2013 12:15
Orange but annoying sales call
Have been pestered by this number for a while and despite telling them I'm not interested in any offers they still keep ringing me. They are from the 'Loyalty department' and wanted to tell me about the great offer they have for long term customer like myself.... even though I have only recently moved from o2 to EE....
(Anonymous user)
October 8th  2013 18:52
have had 7 calls in the last 36hrs. They leave no message. Don't care who they are or what they want to give me, that's just ridiculous.
(Anonymous user)
October 28th  2013 17:49
Had my first call from this number just now... EE customer care team. listed on their safe numbers list on their own site...
the girl had a speech impediment and seemed very nervous - this does not mean she was dodgy but her nervousness threw me.
'As a loyal customer I get some great offers etc. etc.'
wanted to sell more phone contracts to me. sim only contracts. or an android tablet with a wifi tetherable pocket device...

I have only been a customer for 5 months...?!
(Anonymous user)
October 30th  2013 21:31
call received
I have received calls from this number however never answered. Just as a point I don't generally answer numbers that I don't know. However, looking at some of the sceptics above you really need to learn how the customer service industry works. If you were late on your DD's or only been with a company 5 months, imagine how it would sound if a representative tried to sell to you saying that. "Hi there MR... I am calling with regards to your phone contract, you have missed 4 DD's however I would like to offer you another one of our products". In my opinion that Is going to seem more of a fraud and you are less likely to buy than a company referring to you as a valued customer. In this day and age every customer is a valued customer regardless whether you have been with a company 1 second or 1 year. Companies are always on the look out to sell us more and make profits. TO be honest, a lot of it is worthwhile if you were planning on buying that product anyway.
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