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(Anonymous user)
February 1st  2012 19:51
Cold callers
had missed call on my mobile, rang it back, they answered with ' hello, money group' when I said I was returning a call that I had missed, they hung up!!
(Anonymous user)
February 10th  2012 11:16
Unrecognised number
Daugfhter answered my mobile phone to hear someone say "what are you doing today then" she puft the phone down immediately but as we are in France I was charged for the call
(Anonymous user)
February 14th  2012 09:45
Caller asked for my mother (88 and in care) and asked if she had missed any debt payments recently. The guy from Money Group got quite arsey when I told him he must have wrong info..my Mother can't even write her own name let alone take out loans etc. When I suggested he may have fraudulent info or result of fraudulent activity he insulted me. I have recently had a new phone and number because of all these types of calls. How did he get my mothers name associated with my new phone?????
(Anonymous user)
February 15th  2012 11:53
Scam company
This company illegally obtain prvt information and use it to scam you for money. They use illegal immigrants throughout Uk. It's why ph no: keeps changing..
(Anonymous user)
February 21st  2012 18:03
I've now had 15 missed calls from this number
They call at the same time every day and call a number of times
And after reading the other comments I'm glad I haven't answered it
I've also had calls to my mobile from similar numbers over the past 3 weeks
If I don't recognise the number I don't answer
Why can't someone do something about this
(Anonymous user)
April 10th  2012 15:58
Commission chasers
Very amusing wasting their time and annoying them, try it
(Anonymous user)
April 30th  2012 11:49
scamming bastards
scamming bastards thats all you need to know
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2012 18:11
Yes but ...
Sure they do get your name from a list somewhere and they are going to get commissions, but ... they really helped me out of a huge financial hole a while back when I thought I was going to lose everything.
(Anonymous user)
October 30th  2012 11:35
They ring me several times a day but what I was concerned about is that I live in Truro and wondered if they know more than just my phone number!! Who are they??
(Anonymous user)
November 23rd  2012 12:25
Just stop phoning me
Scammers get lost
(Anonymous user)
November 29th  2012 17:59
I get regular calls from this number on my mobile and when I answer the line just goes dead after a few seconds. Wish you could bar numbers from calling you but they'll just find another way!
(Anonymous user)
February 20th  2013 15:45
Money Group AGAIN!
Had countless number of missed calls from this number linked to the Money Group. Also had various other numbers who all appear to be the same company. Have text a couple of times to say I'm not interested but they don't take any notice! Have now saved all numbers on my phone address book as 'Sales Call - DO NOT ANSWER' so they can waste their time and not mine!
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