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(Anonymous user)
May 28th  2013 18:41
Cold Caller for insurance claims
This company called me today stating my mobile number was on their records for making an insurance claim on my car in the last three years. I don't have a car and cannot drive so this is obviously a chancer.
(Anonymous user)
May 29th  2013 17:11
pain in the arse work me up working nights unhappy
ignorant and a bunch of a****holes
$m@rt Ar5e
(Anonymous user)
May 30th  2013 13:13
Assistance with Compensation Claim
Apparently, I'm entitled to some free money on account of the road traffic accident I suffered recently. I told them I hadn't suffered a road traffic accident and that they should give any spare money to a charity. They then asked if I'd suffered inconvenience, to which I replied : "only upon answering this call during my lunch break." I asked if I could make a claim against them for inconveniencing me, but he'd already hung up.
(Anonymous user)
June 5th  2013 11:55
Cold call i compensation rubbish ......
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