Who phoned me from 01933447222

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(Anonymous user)
February 10th  2012 12:45
Nuisance caller
This is an Insurance Company that uses auto telemarketing. They are a nuisance and should be stopped
(Anonymous user)
February 23rd  2012 19:23
nuisance caller
glad i saw previous comment, wont bother calling back, thanks
(Anonymous user)
March 5th  2012 17:19
Give me chance to abuse you before hanging up...
Phone rang, answered it, phone rang through the earpiece... call connected and I sat listening to some girl talking to someone else in the office about some inane rubbish.

This is the 3rd call from them today.

She then cut me off before I could lambast her. Next time sweetie... next time!
(Anonymous user)
March 5th  2012 19:44
Phone rang, answered, disconnected
Typica background telesales noise, no response, disconnected, looks like telesales is back with a vengeance after a lull at the turn of the millenium.

(Anonymous user)
March 6th  2012 11:12
b est deal insurance company, marketing, even though my phone is registered with the tps
(Anonymous user)
March 29th  2012 16:41
yet another unwanted caller after I entered my number on confused.com last week - this is becoming a real nuisance
(Anonymous user)
April 26th  2012 12:20
01933 447222 - this number just called my house phone. Unsolicited call. Did not answer as number not one I recognise. Will ignore in future thanks to the info on this website. What time wasters.
(Anonymous user)
May 9th  2012 11:54
Very annoying
Had a call from this no. last night and again this morning. Very Very annoying. If I need insurance I will contact someone!!!!!
(Anonymous user)
May 10th  2012 13:08
Not Listening
I spoke to some-one yesterday and it was agreed that I would contact them as and when ( probably never) yet just had a missed call. What is the point of being ex directory and having a private mobile where is data protection then.
(Anonymous user)
May 19th  2012 10:39
May 19th 2012
Thanks for the above comments. Like several others I am registered with the TPS and object to these time wasters.
(Anonymous user)
May 25th  2012 11:22
thank you for this, i won't bother calling back
Thank you everyone who posted saves me time and worry about who it was calling
won't bother calling it back
(Anonymous user)
July 13th  2012 11:45
I had a missed call from this number this morning around 9am, I placed it in the area code finder and it came up as somewhere around northhampton.. Since I didn't know anyone from there I put the full number in google and found this page . It was very helpful won't bother calling back ..
(Anonymous user)
July 17th  2012 16:16
Background noise, nobody .speaking. So won't bother calling
(Anonymous user)
July 15th  2013 19:58
Take the hint, we aren't answering your calls
6 missed calls from this number in one day!! Don't know why we can't block this type of caller
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