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(Anonymous user)
September 14th  2017 11:08
Nobody there
The phone rang. I answered it to hear a blank line followed by a recorded voice saying "Goodbye" then the other end cleared. I have had calls like this before, but this is the first time 1471 revealed a number. It is probably fake because nothing shows up when I google it..
(Anonymous user)
September 29th  2017 11:35
Safety Awarenes Campaign
Got very offended when I called it a scam. If it isn't, how did they get my number when I'm on TPS???? SHUT THEM DOWN!
LG Bristol
(Anonymous user)
October 23rd  2017 13:27
Crime Awareness Campaign
Cold called by this number. A British sounding lady introduced herself as Lara Green from the Crime Awareness Campaign. Started off by asking if I was aware that the police in my area had closed down the Burglary Unit (opening with scare tactics). So they were running a crime safety campaign in our area. For this week only they would install an intruder alarm to householders in my area for only £1. The alarm is silent and will go straight through to a monitoring centre if activated. She also said repeatedly that their campaign/service was ‘police registered’. I asked if that meant it was approved by the police and she said yes. Only when I asked did she admit that there would be a monthly charge for the service but she was unable to be specific. She was keen to make an appointment for a safety adviser to visit my house asap. I said I wanted to read more first so reluctantly she gave me the website address www.firstcontactsecurityltd.co.uk The disclaimer on the website states that the company is not endorsed, affiliated or working with any UK police force so she told me a lie. There are no prices of products or services given on the website. A google search showed the company has been featured on BBCs Watchdog.
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