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(Anonymous user)
March 8th  2014 19:22
Have not heard from this lot for some time now ,used to be called 4or5 times a week.They claim to be technical staff calling from Microsoft about the messages my computer has been sending out . All have Asian voices male and female.
(Anonymous user)
April 23rd  2014 15:25
Yeah I have just started to get these calls, they ask me to switch on my computer as they keep saying they have reason to believe it is going to crash if I don't do as they say, who are they? do I just tell them to stop calling me?
(Anonymous user)
April 28th  2014 14:36
They seem to now have switched to bank loan repayments (PPI?). The next scam in their arsenal. When I pressed how they got the info they said they had they swore at me and told me to stop wasting their effing time. Professional.
(Anonymous user)
March 10th  2014 16:16
A man calling to be Mr Hussain said he knows who my mother in law is but she don't know him. Then he hanged up
(Anonymous user)
March 10th  2014 19:03
Just had a call from these
Said they were from Microsoft, and they are Asian sounding.

(Anonymous user)
March 10th  2014 20:39
had two calls today fairly late, does anyone know who these pricks are?
(Anonymous user)
March 10th  2014 22:00
Tried to con me
Asian sounding man named Alex rang me said problem with my computer downloading information said can I go on my computer and let him have access he said he was from my phone company I told him to ring back in twenty mins he gave me his name and a code to prove who he was and I checked with my phone company so when he rang back I asked him was he ringing from and I said my company and he said yes and I told him no you are not because I have checked and he put phone down and lady rang earlier and spoke to husband
(Anonymous user)
March 11th  2014 16:22
Now they're a PPI claim company
Dave (with asian/american accent) just called about PPI claims. but hung as soon as I asked what company he was calling from
(Anonymous user)
March 12th  2014 13:41
I am receiving regular calls from these people. Again Asian sounding and very poor English skills. I'm Registered with the telephone preference service as well, so not sure why these calls are getting through. Now stored the number in my phone as "nuisance caller" and it's got different call tone when it rings.
So if I want to completely ignore it, I can.

Although I quite like to tease them too, so sometimes I pick up the phone and then say I'll get the person they are asking for. At which point I put the phone down and leave the phone line open for ages ! Another thing I like to do is speak Spanish to them, that really try throws a spanner in the works. Helps pass the time 😊
(Anonymous user)
March 13th  2014 18:40

I constantly receive calls from this number and no reply when I pick up phone. Can u please stop these calls. Thankyou
(Anonymous user)
March 15th  2014 11:23
No Answer
Phone rang then they hung up when I picked it up. I have previously had calls about helping me with my "computer problems" told them I am an IT Professional (I AM) and how did they think they knew more than me...they then hung up
(Anonymous user)
March 15th  2014 11:39
Claim to call about computer
Asian man telling me he was phoning about my computer which was sending out warning messages. Told him to get lost.
(Anonymous user)
March 15th  2014 13:34
try 1471
Tried dialling 1471, so found the number, but when you hit 3 to ring back you can't be connected. Sounds well didgy
(Anonymous user)
March 25th  2014 13:11
Asian sounding, PPI
When I answered quickly gave his name and details so I asked him to repeat. Continued talking PPI so I asked again. He was completely thrown, (reading a script perhaps) then he rang off. Still completely annoying as I use TPS. When I rang number on call log, number does not exist. How do they do that?
(Anonymous user)
March 27th  2014 08:56
I rang the number back nd the voicemail said it was Choice UK a research company
(Anonymous user)
March 28th  2014 07:48
They called yesterday asking for my late father, I have no clue how they even got his name. Foreign voice
(Anonymous user)
March 28th  2014 19:25
0803 129 1891 called me
Asian male voice.
"Is that Mr. Xxxxxx"
"Yes". [The call wasn't personal]
"I am not selling you anything" [not good English]
"What is the subject matter?"
.some babble.....
"I am not interested, I am putting the phone down"

If you see this number, IGNORE IT!
(Anonymous user)
March 31st  2014 17:13
Nuisance call
Just got a call from this number inquiring about an accident someone on my number had in the last 3 years. Told them to get lost.
(Anonymous user)
March 31st  2014 19:15
Nuisance and scam
Him: Your computer has indicated a problem to us, which we can fix
Me: Oh, thanks, who is this
Him: We are MS, UK, in Slough. You have a problem with windows.
Me: The only windows I have are double glazed
Him: What?
Me: My i-Mac doesn't use windows.
Him: of course it does

After 25 minutes he hung up. I turned on my Samsung PC and thought that was fun.
(Anonymous user)
April 1st  2014 14:46
annoying Wan*ers
Just received a call from this number telling me that my PC is sending out messages. They claimed to be from Microsoft.

When I told them that i would contact my IT department they told me that the IT department could not help, ony Microsoft could fix the problem. Rather strangely when I told them that they were speaking to the XXXXXX police station the caller hung up.

TPS tell me that they can mot stop this number ringing me
(Anonymous user)
April 2nd  2014 14:46
regarding the accident i recently had
no i didnt
are you sure
did anyone at this address have an accident
are you sure
Joe Soap
(Anonymous user)
April 10th  2014 14:44
Mr Joe Soap
More calls from this number but I refused to answer his pertinent questions
(Anonymous user)
April 14th  2014 16:26
Asked me to "press 5 to confirm my BANK DETAILS"
Absolute scam. Called me at 14.03. Invited me to "press 5 to confirm my Bank Details if I was with LLoyds, Nat West", etc ....... (named just about every UK bank).
(Anonymous user)
April 17th  2014 21:43
Worrying calls
My Mum keeps getting calls from this number. She has TPS in place but calls still happening. Mostly nobody answers when phone answered and then just hangs up, but occasionally they sarcastically say 'good bye!'.

Whoever this is please stop as it is very annoying and also quite frightening for the person involved.
(Anonymous user)
May 6th  2014 15:43
I have just had the same response when answering the phone it goes dead then an automated voice says "goodbye" after I kept saying hello when I picked the phone up , this is a big scam they called my 84 year old dad and said he had a problem with his computer and were very surprised when he said he didn't have one , trying to get his bank details too
(Anonymous user)
April 22nd  2014 21:52
Indian Scammers
This number has called me about PPI refunds and as Microsoft, Clearly an Indian call centre running a variety of scams. PPI, to get your bank and credit card details. Microsoft, to access your computer, or charge your credit card for emptying the error file on your computer, which you can do yourself for free and doesn't represent any problem.
(Anonymous user)
April 28th  2014 19:03
Called me but as soon as I said hello, they were quiet but could hear background noise, then I shouted HELLO! And then they hung up!
(Anonymous user)
April 29th  2014 10:53
Computer Scam
Sounded like an asian call centre - I need to be at my computer so they can show me how to get rid of a malicious virus. When I said to the caller that she should be ashamed of herself for scamming she said "so sorry," and hung up.
(Anonymous user)
May 6th  2014 13:02
Telephone pests
Just had a call from these pests, my wife answered it, all she could make out was they were talking about a computer but the accent was so bad she couldn't understand what they were talking about. So obviously they were trying to say my computer was going to crash.
(Anonymous user)
May 7th  2014 19:30
Microsoft Scam
Asian sounding voice , said his name was Mike , he was calling from Microsoft , and new I had a Windows operating system , and my computer was infected and he would clean it up , My response was do you think I am stupid ?? and told him I didn't believe him , .....HE told me to go to hell you mother F!£$%& and hung up . So I guess he wasn't from Microsoft !!
(Anonymous user)
May 8th  2014 15:44
Repeat scam spam phone call
Do not deal with these scum.

Blow a whistle or similar high pitched sound down the phone line.
They'll soon hang up...
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