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(Anonymous user)
September 19th  2013 09:47
Nuisance caller
Silent call received 0915 today 19 September 2013.
(Anonymous user)
September 26th  2013 12:24
Lifestyle today survey
Foreign call centre, ask for you by name, when ask who they are they say (bad pronunciation to try to mask name)

Lifestyle Today and they are updating their database.
Denied I was who they were asking for and asked to be removed from their list, they said I could answer their survey, stated I was at work, they said I could still answer their survey, stated my boss was sat next to me , they could also answer the survey....

I declined

By update their database I presume they will pass your number on to other Indian call centres to further harass you
(Anonymous user)
October 16th  2013 16:36
Had call from 'Lifestyle Surveys?' Asked caller to remove my number from files...he kept repeating his script lines! Asked to speak to supervisor who was extremely rude so I asked for his superior. He replied that he was the boss. I said "really?" His reply......"Yes ma'am...I am GOD!!!' I asked for his name...he repeated mine...twice...I said "that's my name, not yours"...then said ''what are you going to do now....hang up?" I did!
(Anonymous user)
November 23rd  2013 14:21
Hung up on me
Too lazy to even try to call properly, said hello twice, I said hello back, and rang off. Nuisance
(Anonymous user)
January 25th  2014 14:22
caller refused to identify himself/company, hung u
Called, named my wife and asked for her, refused to say who was calling, rudely said, "I don't want to speak to a servant or baby sitter", when I insisted on knowing who was calling, hung up.
(Anonymous user)
February 6th  2014 09:35
Indian voice
February 6th 2014
Received a call 9.30 am, asked if was speaking to (used my name). I hung up immediately as anyone who doesn't ask for me by my christian name doesn't know me. I have poor hearing and any voice with an strong accent is not worth my trouble.
(Anonymous user)
February 8th  2014 16:12
First Call
Call from 02031375041

The usual call from this fake outfit, who also use 020 7060 9336 and 020 7060 3772 and are selling help with faults on your computer, PPI claims, accident claims, etc.
They are First Call Group / 1 st Call Group / First Call Centre Solutions
220 Flanders Drive, 4300 Mt Edgecombe, Durban, South Africa
Telephone: + 27 (0)31 000 0005, 0836928133, 02070603887
Website: www.1stcallgroup.com
They are is NOT authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) to carry on a regulated activity in the UK. Regulated activities include, amongst other things, advising on investments and dealing and arranging deals in investments (investments include rights under a contract of insurance). The above firm may be targeting and dealing with UK customers.

This has been reported with dates and time to the Action Fraud, the Police, the Information Commisioner, Telephone Preference Service and they all say that this use of UK telephone numbers cannot be stopped ...
(Anonymous user)
February 8th  2014 16:13
... "unless there is a considerable number of complaints". It has been pointed out that this, and other sires have complaints against them going back up to 4 years, but apparently that isn't enough.

It appears that the only way to get something done is to inundate the Minister for Justice with complaints at chris.grayling.mp@parliament.uk and if enough people complain, PERHAPS he will ensure that those with the power will do something.

(Anonymous user)
February 26th  2014 10:08
Calls again & again & ....
I have a new phone & just found call barring facility... I'll see if it works?? - or as it seems they may use another number. Why can't something be done- why do they continue???
(Anonymous user)
March 13th  2014 18:20
Call today at 8:20 AM, Foreign call centre, ask for me by name. told it is from UK TODAY. He tried to ask me something I ask to call me from his own mobile... and said him ..OFF
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