Who phoned me from 02031428096

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(Anonymous user)
October 28th  2013 14:57
Chap said HEEELLO? And then the phone line went dead
(Anonymous user)
October 29th  2013 14:00
I had the same today....
I answered my phone.... could hear someone (including the person who had called) chatting in the background then hung up on me..... annoying and I am not phoning it back....
(Anonymous user)
October 30th  2013 20:03
I had the same, twice
A bloke said hello and put the phone down
(Anonymous user)
November 5th  2013 13:59
I have had the same, today and friday. I say Hello and they just put the phone down
(Anonymous user)
November 5th  2013 18:49
Just once for me
I just hung up without answering and they haven't called back
(Anonymous user)
November 6th  2013 20:00
My Thoughts:
The Morons who phone either by an automated system or by hand look very similar to the monkey on the left and presumably gat paid "Peanuts"!! Even though most of the time nobody actually speaks!! (they've haven't advanced that far yet obviously) The ONE company that ALWAYS makes money is of BT. They own ALL the lines in the UK and no matter what the network i.e. Virgin or Talk Talk OR any others have to pay BT for use of the line. Of course nobody will take on BT simply because nobody is big enough and our "Wonderful" Caring sharing Government just don't know about ordinary people do they. Don't ever phone the number back: Don't use ANT BT system of blocking these calls especially from BT because eventually you will have to PAY...
(Anonymous user)
November 7th  2013 17:15
I now know
They say they are a life insurance comparison website
(Anonymous user)
November 22nd  2013 15:02
called the number back and it does not announce the company just says you are number one in the queue - was holding for 10 minutes !!
(Anonymous user)
November 27th  2013 15:26
same here.. lady said hello and i can hear the background call centre voice and they disconnected.. they probably choose a specific voice to sell their crap products.. haha
(Anonymous user)
December 2nd  2013 17:54

(Anonymous user)
February 3rd  2014 11:48
Just had the same call
This number has called my about 8 times in the last 3 times. The first time they answered and said they were from a utilities insurance comparison company. I advised I had sufficient cover . Since then they have called a further 7 times and when answered nobody spoke although I could hear noise in the background!
As if we haven't got enough to do..
(Anonymous user)
February 4th  2014 20:20
This number calls 5-8 times daily
I am reluctant to take calls from unknown numbers so after looking up the number on these sites, I am glad I dint pick up. They call many times every day at all hours.
(Anonymous user)
February 17th  2014 18:36
boarder force
i was asked if i was (unknown name) I asked whose calling they replied boarder force then asked a second time if I was who they originally asked for, i replied "no" "ok thank you sir, sorry for the inconvenience"
(Anonymous user)
February 19th  2014 16:24
Nuisance Call
02031428096 is a nuisance
(Anonymous user)
March 6th  2014 15:07
pain in the ass
ive had numerous calls from this number but on my mobile, said hello the other day, then the fone went dead, so i just let it ring on silent lol. something major should be done about these nuisance calls
(Anonymous user)
April 24th  2014 10:12
Rip Off
I have had a few missed calls from this number and called them back. I noticed that my timer on the phone started counting during the calling tone.

I think what they do is give you a missed call and then when you call them back the phone is answered but you think you are waiting for them to answer.

Don't call them back whatever you do!
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