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(Anonymous user)
April 23rd  2012 09:50
Fraud company
SRJ Pay claims you owe someone money when you don't. Just don't give out your full name.

They will continue calling and texting you over and over again. I'm not sure how to make them leave me alone...
(Anonymous user)
September 27th  2012 16:35
They keep calling and asking for someone that has never lived here. It's an automated voice so you can't actually answer them. Nor can you call them back.
(Anonymous user)
October 3rd  2012 13:44
Yes I have just has a call from these wankers, asking for a caroline seger, as we have lived here for 21 years fuck knows what they are playing at....
(Anonymous user)
October 13th  2012 16:28
Nuisance Telephone Calls
I keep getting messages, virtually daily, often in person or by recorded message asking either to "Speak to Mr Burton" or else silent calls which promptly hang up when you response.
The telephone number calling is 02031478620, and nothing will stop these nuisances, despite my having registered a year ago with the telephone Preference Service. A Google check reveals that they are SRJ Debt Recovery.
(Anonymous user)
October 26th  2012 14:41
Why do they keep calling!!
This number calls me at least a few times a week, what is the point when i am not even the person they want, very frustrating someone stop them!!
(Anonymous user)
November 20th  2012 20:53
really so late at night
I have recieved message all time but at twelve at night r they real debt people r frauds cause im getting sick of these late night calls waking my little ones up
(Anonymous user)
December 3rd  2012 22:48
Bloody Nuisance
Can't these people take no (FO) for an answer? Obviously not. Now I have blacklisted them! Shame there's no list of current bad numbers on the net, that I could enter into my phone.
(Anonymous user)
December 5th  2012 06:14
Early morning
SRJ Tossers at 0514 this morning, need to black list and report this number??
(Anonymous user)
December 11th  2012 11:11
Fraud company!
Do no answer, they ask for your details, and try and defraud you saying you owe them money when you dont!
(Anonymous user)
January 25th  2013 21:02
SRJ Debt Recoveries Limited
This company tries to link time expired debts they have bought cheaply with just about anybody they can bully into paying. They prey on the elderly and the naive. They are not interested in whether you in fact owe money or not. They will send out a soft "phishing" letter. DO NOT CALL them. If you do they have succeeded in getting your number. You will then be bombarded with automated nuisance calls day and night. NEVER call them EVER.
(Anonymous user)
June 7th  2013 09:53
They claim I O virgin media 37.00, Virgin are looking into it, it was for a mobile that i cancelled ages ago. These people are very rude, ending a conversation by "Ill see you in court". my response was " bring it in" lol
(Anonymous user)
June 24th  2013 15:07
SRJ Debt Recoveries Limited
The use of automated dialling equipment in this manner is ILLEGAL under section 19 of automated marketing regulations.

If you search for 'information commissioner uk' there will be a link to report this activity.

I suggest everyone start logging the date and times of these calls then once you have about 10 put it in an email and send it to:
1) The OFT
2) The TPS
3) The ASA (advertising standards agency) as I believe such calls could also fall under advertising legislation as they are in effect cold calling to advertise their company.
4) The Data Protection Commissioner

and failing all that bbc watchdog program via the bbc website.

These people are bottom feeders, and breaking the law.

This is harassment (illegal), data mining and possible use of illegal equipment to do so.
(Anonymous user)
June 25th  2013 18:52
3 times per day
Get this all 3 times a day for Mrs Francis. If we answer it, it goes dead. Let it go to voicemail and we get an automated voice.
(Anonymous user)
August 8th  2013 19:53
Hi everyone ye this SRJ linked to Fredrickson Int.

They are arseholes.

The best weapon is an ANSWER PHONE for call screeing.

The soon get the messege

Regards Chris
(Anonymous user)
December 6th  2013 16:56
I just got a call from SRJ. I was sure that I didn't have any debt but now I am worried that I do.
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