Who phoned me from 02032870000

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(Anonymous user)
April 3rd  2017 13:03
EON Energy?
Call from this number asking for me by name and saying that I was out of contract and offering to give me new prices. Asked for the account number which he couldn't give me. They gave me an MPAN number which did not correspond to mine.

Will call eon and see if it is genuine call
(Anonymous user)
April 3rd  2017 16:26
Not EON energy after all
This number called again but showed up as international on the phone I was using. They claimed to be from EON energy but then changed their mind and said they were from 'Energy Solutions' they gave me my MPAN number which was incorrect and then asked for my account number.

Another one for TPS
Jack Dusty.
(Anonymous user)
April 6th  2017 12:49
Tired of the Daily routine
Tired of dropping everything to rush and answer the phone. On arrival you can hear someone switching you off as they have got a quicker reply from someone else. Should be made illegal.
(Anonymous user)
April 11th  2017 15:07
No one there this time
Silent call - one for ofcom!
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