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(Anonymous user)
December 3rd  2012 19:40
Who number is this
Keep ringing me
(Anonymous user)
February 6th  2013 16:17
I believe this may be BIDUP TV. Have received 7 calls in a 30 min period today
(Anonymous user)
December 4th  2012 18:51
I am getting calls from this one too
I simply ignore it.. they are crafty though as they then try and call you but withhold their number. Be like me and ignore all calls unless they are in your phone book. If it is important they will leave you a message.
(Anonymous user)
December 7th  2012 11:20
Been getting calls for the last few days. SIX so far this morning.
(Anonymous user)
December 18th  2012 22:08
Have been getting calls from this number for the past couple of weeks. They call several times a day, but nobody is there. Will not answer the phone now when this number comes up. Really annoying.
(Anonymous user)
December 21st  2012 15:30
I've been receiving calls each day for the last week but no one is there, a single beep then it disconnects. Very annoying. If you call it back it's a US voice mail box.
(Anonymous user)
January 8th  2014 20:50
Nuisance call
I have received two calls a day from this number, it's really annoying. No one speaks. When they ring now I just let the answer phone kick in, but no message is left.
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