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(Anonymous user)
December 5th  2012 16:36
Random call
(Anonymous user)
December 6th  2012 20:40
It's from UNICEF
(Anonymous user)
December 8th  2012 23:47
(Anonymous user)
December 13th  2012 15:00
I answered the call and said "hello, is that UNICEF?" caller hung up on me without speaking .... I have sent an email to UNICEF as I would be interested to know if they have authorised the calls or not ... sincerely hope they haven't as it does them no credit sadly

I am so fed up with getting unsolitied calls, if it's not PPI it's something else ...try to make a formal complaint to the appropriate agencies and they tie you up with complex forms to deter starting anything!
(Anonymous user)
January 19th  2013 17:23
Hang-up Caller
The caller rang off as soon as I answered. Odd if it is UNICEF, as they're not going to get funding by hanging up on people.
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