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(Anonymous user)
November 27th  2012 18:28
random dial call centre
this is a random dial call centre, my number once belonged to some one else, can be persistant.
(Anonymous user)
December 19th  2012 13:10
Claims to be 'free' personal pension review ISN'T!
They will call you saying they are giving you a free personal pension review that can allow you to get money from your pension at no cost to you. This of course is all lies, please seek independent financial advice!
(Anonymous user)
May 17th  2013 09:19
They annoy me and I wish they would leave me alone but no matter what I try they keep calling back!!! Best thing to do just don't answer hopefully they will get bored!!!
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June 25th  2013 11:30
Anon who keeps getting pestered. You could use a Truecall unit from truecall dot co do uk. It will block such callers, since they release their number. Cost around £100 but means you dont need to subscribe to other call blocking services, and will pay for itself in a year if you do.
(Anonymous user)
June 13th  2013 15:51
Must be a scam as they didn't know my situation
Just had a call from them saying they want to help me with my pension. The moment i told the caller that I don't have a pension, he hung up. I have looked them up on telepest and apparently they are a legitimate company, but clearly if they don't know who they are actually targeting, it is a scam. Sounded South African. I filed a complaint with Telepest.
(Anonymous user)
June 18th  2013 12:18
Cold calling
I am on the TPS and they called me. About a "free pension review". If you get a call report it to the FCA.
(Anonymous user)
August 7th  2013 15:23
Cold call
Just had a call from them here too, I hung up as soon as he asked about my "company or private pension". I'm a civil servant, if they were legit then they'd know that the company or private pension question was null.

What I want to know is how they got my name & address details ... Mobile phone companies selling our info again ?
(Anonymous user)
August 9th  2013 11:42
Call from a call centre with a computer
these call centres use a computer with sequential dialling programs and ring thousands of numbers automatically. Only if you pick up and hold will someone speak to you and try to part you from your cash with all sorts of incentives. If you don't answer it goes to the next number in the list and bother them and so on. Place the number in your screened numbers list or in your contacts list and name it nuisance-001. every time it rings don't answer it and if everybody in the UK does the same guess who goes rapidly out of business.
alarmed female
(Anonymous user)
August 16th  2013 15:45
knew my name - hung up whnen I asked for into
A bloke identified himself as Dave from First Call Group called today, knew my name. I asked for details of why he was calling, he hung up. Must have been my offputting serious voice - clearly rang off expecting me to call back to ask why...but I will not waste money on that. I am with the Telephone Preference Service so I am making a complaint.
(Anonymous user)
September 2nd  2013 13:22
This is a scam. They tried to tell me that I had participated in a 'compulsory lifestyle survey' but when challenged where, when, etc., and what law made participation in a lifestyle survey compulsory, they became evasive and the call was terminated when the caller went to speak to his manager. No such surveys are compulsory.
(Anonymous user)
September 4th  2013 14:51
Pension Review
Rang about pension review. What pension?
(Anonymous user)
September 5th  2013 19:15
knew my name and my post code and asking about pension plan I contribute to. on free pension review but I was not ready to discuss suspicious deal, so they hung up.
(Anonymous user)
September 6th  2013 18:22
September 6 2013 16.30hrs
Knew my name. As soon as I heard the words 'your pension' I said that I did not take cold calls and would they please take me off their database - I doubt if this will happen but worth a try. I am registered with the TPS................
real adviser
(Anonymous user)
October 1st  2013 20:43
called about my pension
sounds like some kind of illegal pension liberalisation outfit - there was a pause when answered, referred to me as Mr and used my partners surname. Said he got my details from the national consumer pension data base.. I work in pensions and no such organisation exists in the UK. He said he was based in South Africa but clearly using an inner London number. Like others, we are registered with TPS, said he was sorry and hung up when he realised. This illegal activity needs to cease. My advice avoid and report - use unbiased.co.uk if you need help.
(Anonymous user)
October 9th  2013 14:26
Called about "My Pension Plan"
Erm ! Not ! Asked for someone whom has never been registered at this address, and when told this information tried to sell it on to me !

Sorry no here by that name !!
(Anonymous user)
October 22nd  2013 12:23
Called about my Pension
I have had this call 2 or 3 times before and I always tell them that I am not interested. I am more concerned that 3 seconds before calling my mobile they called my work direct dial as well which is unlisted.
(Anonymous user)
November 25th  2013 18:38
pension review
phone belonged to someone else , picked up this spam call this morning.
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