Who phoned me from 02074287855

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(Anonymous user)
June 18th  2012 16:05
should be banned from the phone service.
this phone company phones quick then does not leave any messages and try to call back the phone rings but no body answers.
(Anonymous user)
July 12th  2012 18:35
Stop calling me!
Not interested
(Anonymous user)
August 8th  2012 11:43
They don't leave a message
or answer the phone when you call them back, they have been calling daily for a week now and I keep missing their call but it's not from someone I am expecting a call from
(Anonymous user)
October 15th  2012 16:45
Who are they ?
(Anonymous user)
March 4th  2013 12:56
(Anonymous user)
April 11th  2013 11:15
Damn righte rude
Asks for a person then puts the phone down when you say they aren't hear. Don't leave a message then don't answer when you call back
(Anonymous user)
April 12th  2013 14:15
Don't waste my time
Ring, when you answer, put the phone down, interrupting what you were doing for no good reason. Time wasters. Have saved them as a contact tiled Don't answer, SPAMMERS. So if I see it again I'll know to just reject the call.
(Anonymous user)
April 18th  2013 12:17
time wasters
Last few days they ring, never leave message, if you ring back never answer phone, wake people up who trying to sleep,
(Anonymous user)
April 18th  2013 14:30
whats their game then?
My husband received a call from the number and asking for me when he said I wasn't there the man promptly put the phone down without so much as a goodbye!! People should be stopped from doing this.
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