Who phoned me from 02075363590

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(Anonymous user)
June 17th  2013 11:03
Random caller.
Phoned me, then hung up straightaway.
(Anonymous user)
June 26th  2013 16:45
Colchester Wine
Colchester (Essex) company called me from a London based number (call centre). I haven't bought from this company in years and I don't give anyone permission to call me especially if its for marketing. Called Colchester Wine and complained - 01206 713560.......
(Anonymous user)
December 11th  2014 15:33
Many thanks, happened to me too, liked the company when they were local,
disappointed they moved and surprised to hear from them,
glad it was not a spurious call
(Anonymous user)
March 1st  2016 16:28
genuine company
This is the same company referred to in earlier posts - now known as Wheelers Wines.
They have moved premises a few miles outside of Colchester....Langham/ Ardleigh.
They also have a London office, hence the call from an 0207 number.
(Anonymous user)
December 15th  2016 17:06
Pain in the ****
They have obviously bought a mailing list ... I have started to get emails from them along with nuisance calls - maybe 10 this week and 3 this afternoon alone.

I have NEVER dealt with Colchester Wines or Wheelers.

(Anonymous user)
June 5th  2017 18:30
Mr Wheeler
Bona fide company . I have bought wine from them in the past . They are re booting their new name as they have bought the company back . Wine not bad . I was pleased they called as I was out of vino ! If you don't want to deal with them , just say no thanks ?!?!?
(Anonymous user)
June 13th  2017 19:43
Rung me this evening the moment I answered, he/she hung up.
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